DSCENE GUIDE: Tips to Clear Summer Acne

Below are some of the ways you can help your skin fight acne during the summer.

DSCENE GUIDE: Tips to Clear Summer Acne

There is simply nothing like getting some of that gorgeous summer sun and developing a beautiful tan! However, due to warmer temperatures, sweat and sun exposure, you can suffer more acne than compared to the other seasons. In addition, summer’s environmental conditions and activities contribute to the clogging of our pores, causing acne. Therefore, it is important to incorporate some ingredients into your skincare products and routine to help fight acne. In that way, you will keep your skin clear from acne and scarring.

Below are some of the ways you can help your skin fight acne during the summer.

Invest in a good scrub mask

It is vital to use a scrub twice a week, unless your skin is extremely sensitive. For sensitive skin, you should reduce the use of a scrub mask to once every week. Using a mask, like the Blue Lagoon face scrub twice a week, will eliminate the build-up of dead skin, freshen the skin and clear pores to reveal the smoother part of your skin using volcanic black clay technology. The type of scrub mask to use will depend mainly on personal preference and skin type, but this is a great one to consider!

Use a lighter moisturizer

The lightweight moisturizer is a product used mostly on oily skin or during the warmer months. If you are one who suffers from dry skin year-round then go for your heavy moisturizer in the evening. The lighter moisturizer doesn’t go on as thick and is absorbed directly and quickly into the skin. It’s also easy to spread on the body, making them the best product to deal with acne! You can use an oil or a water-based moisturizer, but if your skin tends to be oiler then avoid over usage of oil-based creams.

A lighter moisturizer will be a better product than a heavier cram when applying under makeups. Therefore, you should use heavier cream during the cold season and lighter moisturizer during the warmer season.

DSCENE GUIDE: Tips to Clear Summer Acne

Try using cleansers with benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best products you can use to fight acne of any kind! This basic ingredient is available in over the counter gels, cleansers and spot treatments. You can use benzoyl peroxide cleansers for sensitive skin too, but less frequently. The best thing about this ingredient is that you can get it in different concentration for moderate to mild breakouts.

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that can help you get rid of dead skin and bacteria responsible for clogging skin pores. A cleanser with this as a base ingredient will prevent and treat acne by removing under the skin bacteria, plus it will also help your skin pores shed off excess sebum oil and dead skin cells.

Use oil-free sunscreens

Before you head out during the summer, remember to slather your skin with a protective product like sunscreen. However, if your skin is persisting in causing drama, you need to shift to oil-free sunscreen. Oil-free sunscreen won’t aggravate acne.

You can use the above tips to get ahead of acne this warm season. In addition, you can add these tips to your daily skincare routine all year round to ensure your skin is always healthy!

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