INTERIOR TIPS: How to Update A Small Apartment For a New Child

Find out how you can organize a small space for both you and your baby to live comfortably.

One of the happiest moments in any young couple’s life is having their first child. However, while welcoming a new child into the world can be exciting, practicalities like having enough space can cause many new parents to worry. A new baby might be tiny, but their stuff will take up a lot more space than you might think. If you are bringing a newborn into a small apartment, it’s crucial that you make some changes to accommodate your new bundle of joy.


As a new parent, you will already have a lot to deal with, so it’s important that you take the time to set your living space up in advance and consider how you will look after your new baby in the space that you have. If you live in a small apartment, you can take advantage of the parks around your area. You can reshuffle the furniture in your apartment to make more space, and you can rethink your storage solutions and declutter your interior to create more room for your new baby and all of their belongings. With a little forethought and planning, you can ensure that you and your apartment are ready when your new baby arrives.

Continue reading to find out how you can organize a small space for both you and your baby to live comfortably.

Get A Portable Crib Or Bassinet

When it comes to making the most of your space, one of the first considerations you will need to make is a bassinet vs cot, and which will be better. A cot is big and can take up a lot of unnecessary space. Many parents prefer to use a bassinet, which is much smaller and more convenient. Whichever option you choose, be sure that it fits with the overall style of your home and if you are considering a second-hand bassinet, be sure to double-check everything before buying.

Consider Your Storage

When parents share a smaller space with their baby, smart storage is crucial. Expanding upwards is an easy way to create more space without needing any additional space. Storing your baby’s things vertically is a smart option as walls tend to have a lot of unused space. You can also install convenient storage to hang above your changing table to store diapers, blankets and other baby necessities for easy access.

Declutter First And Buy Later

You might feel tempted to head to the shops from the moment you find out you are expecting a baby. However, before you run out to buy everything you need, be sure to take the time to reorganize your own belongings to make room for your baby and all of their gear. Consider selling, donating, or storing your own items before starting to buy for the baby to create more space. To save even more space, avoid buying bulkier items like a high chair right away. Instead, purchase things when you need them and sell, donate or store them away when they are no longer needed.

Reorganize And Purge Before Baby Arrives

Babies come with a lot of things and while you might try to be minimalist, there are certain things that you simply cannot do without. When you have an already crowded one-bedroom apartment, making room for a baby is essential. Get rid of things that you don’t use or need anymore and then get realistic about the things that you will use and need after the baby arrives.

Get Your Home Ready For Your New Baby’s Arrival In Advance

Having a baby on the way is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Preparing your space ahead of time is key to ensuring that you are ready when your little bundle of joy arrives. Take the time to look at how you can make your space work and start making changes right away. Having your apartment prepared in advance is key in ensuring that you are as relaxed and ready as possible for welcoming your new baby into your home.


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