Suburban Natural: How to Bring More Life Into Your Home Design

Here are some easy and inspired ways to bring some life into your home – so why not try one or all of them? Starting with your light sources is always the best idea, as it will highlight what other changes can be made and what areas need some resuscitation.

Suburban Natural How to Bring More Life Into Your Home Design

There are a number of elements we try to tie into our home aesthetic. Style, colour, textures and even sustainability are high on the list of must-haves… but what about injecting some life into the home? This might seem like a hard task as it’s hard to even know how to define such a design element. We have seen some stunning home renovations in our time and have put together a list of ideas that can help bring life and personality into your home. Now let’s get started!

Let there be light!

A dark and dreary home is pretty much the opposite of what we are trying to achieve, so light sources are essential. For a natural solution, custom skylights in Sydney are a very efficient way to achieve a lighter home, and you can even choose where they go and what spaces and features are highlighted as a result. You can also choose LED lights over older style lights, as you have the choice of white or yellow light, and the coverage is much better quality… not to mention cheaper! Curtain selection can also impact the available light, so think about whether you need sheer curtains for an airy feel or something thicker for a moody look and feel.

Suburban Natural How to Bring More Life Into Your Home Design

Introduce some art

Art really is more than just something pretty to look at. It is a way of portraying your personality or showing the world exactly what you stand for. If you thought that art was only paintings and prints – you are thinking too small! You may find that your home needs some ceramic art, a sculpture, a light ornament or something that is completely unique. This is going to be a fantastic way to bring more life into your home design, and it will add layers to your decor and free you of the sameness that we see on Instagram and in magazines. Be sure to have fun with your concept.

Get connected

You might not look to technology when it comes to bringing more life into your home, but think about how you feel when you listen to music, relax in a warm or cool environment, or even just sinking into the couch with a great movie. Installing a smart home system might be the convenience factor you have been looking for, with some smart systems able to command a home with a remote or voice activation. Now, this does not rule out the old school homeowners, as they may be attracted by how subtle these systems are, allowing you to ditch the daggy stereos and unsightly entertainment units. Trust us; you will not miss them.


Bring the outside in

There is no excuse not to have a green element in your home decor. Whether it is some pot plants, crawling vines, or even a vertical garden – this will bring literal life to your home and totally transform the mood. Indoor plants are really having a moment with design-orientated homeowners, and it’s really quite an affordable thing you can implement that has such a big impact. Take time in selecting the right indoor plant to survive conditions – and understand what greenery is going to thrive in your climate. Once you choose, you can then choose some fabulous pots and decide where these splashes of green will be in the home.


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