Your Ultimate Guide to Extendable Dining Sets

Unlike conventional dining sets, which accommodate 4-6 people, an Extendable Dining Table can serve 8-14 people. What are their benefits? Let’s find out

Your Ultimate Guide to Extendable Dining Sets

Nowadays, it’s easy to spruce up your dining area, thanks to the many dining set styles available. Nevertheless, design is one aspect that most homeowners overlook. It’s a critical aspect that makes your dining table stand out and can enhance or ruin the look of your home. Though there are multiple dining table designs, extendable tables are quite popular. They are artistic pieces that will accommodate more people and still remain functional.

Extendable dining sets- What are they all about?

Extendable dining tables are an excellent way of maintaining your available space. You can pull them apart to create more usable space and accommodate more people. These pieces of furniture typically feature table leaves that fit in the middle once the table is pulled apart. And the best bit? You can collapse your table to create more room space when not in use.

Your Ultimate Guide to Extendable Dining Sets

What are the advantages of using extendable dining tables?

 Extendable tables are a unique invention; they allow you to create the perfect space enough for your needs. Unlike conventional dining sets, which accommodate 4-6 people, an Extendable Dining Table can serve 8-14 people. What are their benefits? Let’s find out;

  • Additional space

 No one loves a cramped dining space, and I presume you don’t. If you have a big family, an extendable dining set will solve your woes. It affords you much sitting space allowing a lot of elbow room for your loved ones. You can expand your table to match the desired size and collapse it as desired. This way, you don’t have to acquire more tables for your space, making it a cost-effective choice.

  • Functionality

High-quality extendable pieces feature solid wood, making them very durable. They boast a simple design and a classic look. These tables will easily match your existing decor and other furniture in your home, thanks to their classy nature. 

What of style? Extendable tables never go out of style, and you can use them for years with no need for upgrades. Again, the extension feature is straightforward, and you can detach or inset the table leaf without breaking it.

  • Multiple styles& designs

When it comes to styles, you don’t have to bother. Your options are limitless. Extendable tables come in different designs, and you can get the right match for your dining space. 

You go for all-wood styles, partial wood designs, glass, and metal. These can be simple or ornate designs to fit any décor. Still, you’ll get them in different sizes, both big and small.

  • Highly portable

Most people shy away from buying big tables due to their bulky nature. This isn’t the case with extendable tables. You can move them around with ease and place the chairs in the desired position. Again, you only need to extend your table after moving and positioning it.

Your Ultimate Guide to Extendable Dining Sets

What are the common extendable dinner table types?

 The common extendable dinner tables are radial and central designs. The radial tables usually are round in shape. You only need to turn the table to one side then extend the center. For the central types, you expand from the ends and have the pieces collect at the middle.

Examples of extendable tables to consider are:

Traditional wooden styles: A traditional extendable wooden dining table is simple yet classy. It can fit any décor and comes with different wood stains. Wooden dining tables are also versatile, and you can add up to four leaves.  

 Extendable dinner table with self-storing leaves: If storing the leaves is a primary concern, you can go for one that holds its leaves underneath. For the leaves and size, you can choose what suits your needs and preferences.

Drop leaf table: The drop leaf table fits small dining spaces either in the kitchen or dining room. If you’re seeking a small dining set, this will serve the purpose. You can fold it on both ends, allowing it to fit small rooms. For the leaves, you only fold them up, then turn the wooden support underneath.

Wrapping up

Extendable dinner tables are gate additions to any home. They create additional dining space and are quite versatile. For that classy look, go for solid wood dining sets. They are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, solid wood dining extendables feature different grain stains and are timeless pieces that require minimal maintenance.

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