DSCENE GUIDE: 5 Style Tips for Men This Fall

Here are a few tips for boosting your style this fall

Photography by © Kevin Roldan

It’s that time of year again when you swap your shorts and sleeveless tops for layered garb. Apart from pumpkin spice products, fall is also a great time to upgrade your wardrobe and try out a new look. You have more options for mixing and matching, so make the most of this season by looking your best.  Here are a few tips for boosting your style this fall:

Photography by © Kevin Roldan

Wear that leather

Will you be going back to your hometown for Thanksgiving? If you are riding a motorcycle, consider wearing a leather jacket on your next adventure. In case you don’t have a motorcycle, you can still look just as cool wearing a leather blazer when you are taking the bus or booking a flight home. Choose between tan or black leather to match the shirt you are wearing underneath.

When it comes to finding leather clothing for the season, consider looking for jackets or vests with a comfortable inner lining. This allows for better insulation as the days grow colder.

Check your layers

Layering isn’t just picking the first shirt, sweater, and jacket you see and stack them on top of one another. There has to be a balance between comfort and appearance. Start by wearing a fitted cotton shirt as your first layer. Add a sweatshirt, cardigan, or plaid flannel shirt. For the outer layer, consider a corduroy jacket or a bomber jacket. When picking layers, make sure that the colors contrast each other. If you are opting for a simpler style, go for neutral colors such as grey, white, or beige. Also, test out your preferred combination to check if it allows for maximum comfort.

Photography by © Kevin Roldan

Dress in denim

Fall is the perfect time to wear denim if you are going for a more retro look. The material provides ample warmth without sacrificing mobility. Consider wearing a denim jacket or vest underneath a warmer outer layer. For the bottom, pick slim-fit denim jeans in either black or faded blue styles. If you are looking for comfortable pants that match your style and are easy to move around with, check out the Men Diesel Jeans collection in TBO and pick the best pair to match the rest of your attire.

In picking denim apparel, consider the type of color you will want to wear throughout the season. You have options for acid washed denim, coloured denim, and chambre fabrics.  In any case, you will need something that allows for maximum flexibility, especially if you are traveling out of state this season.

Select the best shoes

To complete your fall get-up, you will need to pick a pair of footwear that goes with this season’s motif. For a more professional look, chukka shoes or ankle-high leather work boots. These pair nicely with blue jeans or office slacks.  You can get this in black or blue if you are wearing a basic suit and tie to work. For casual Fridays and weekend leisure, grab a pair of moccasins or dark trainers.

Still, you can’t have a stylish Fall season without donning a pair of boots. If you are in the market for quality boots, you might want to look for ones that have cushioned soles and are made from vegan leather. If you are looking for something sturdy that’s ideal for traveling, look for boots with studded rubber outsoles for a more waterproof exterior.

Whether you are going out trick-or-treating with the kids or visiting your folks back home,  choosing the right footwear can help you make the most of this season.

Photography by © Kevin Roldan

Let them stare at your hair

Before going out this fall, you might want to try out a different hairstyle. Go beyond boring old crew cuts and go for high-fade undercuts. You can even go all out by donning a pompadour. Personalize your look by adding medium brown or blonde highlights. You can also opt for a pompadour top or textured spikes with a taper fade. To achieve a clean shine, you will need to choose a proper styling cream to minimize frizz and give your hair a fresher look. 

Fall is also the best time to wear your hair long. If you are going for a shaggy look, you might want to add some pomade on your locks. A volumed shag cut is also worth considering if you want to play around with curling your hair or creating relaxed waves.

The fall season gives you ample space for picking a look that best suits you. Check out the tips above and find the look that will make you stand out!

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