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DSCENE STYLE: Euphoria Inspired Looks

DSCENE team prepared a quick guide on how to recreate HBO’s Euphoria most talked about looks


HBO‘s hit show Euphoria has taken the world by storm! Season 2 of this popular show premiered on January 9th and it has been the most talked about show this year. The internet went into a frenzy with theories about what is going to happen in the next episode, what are the girls wearing, how do they achieve those fierce makeup looks, and the list goes on. Giving that the season ended two days ago, it is clearly time to go shopping for our Euphoria uniforms. Show’s stylist Heidi Bivens prepared racy and fun looks, trying to achieve that teenage aesthetic infused by each character’s personality. From Maddy’s sexy cut-out dresses and high heels, Rue’s genderless oversized wardrobe, Kat’s BDSM inspired accessories, Jules’ anime inspired looks, Cassie’s matching sets and flashing suits to Lexi’s preppy yet somewhat provocative looks, we’re listing some of the similar styles you can shop and recreate your favorite look from the show. 




We have been used to Maddy’s sexy fitted dresses and two-pieces, but in episode two, her style game takes a turn, when she tries out dresses from her boss’ closet, envisioning maybe some other life for herself. The stunning black gown she tried on while babysitting is from none other than Thierry Mugler. The dress is from Fall 1991 collection and it is owned by Aralda Vintage, who collaborated with stylist Heidi Bivens on all Maddy’s ‘fantasy’ looks. So, if you want to recreate this look for less, just slip on an off-shoulder little black dress with asymetric length, slick your hair into a tight bun and you’re good to go. 



As we all know Cassie and Maddy are BFFs, but we also know that Cassie was trying to get Nate’s attention in all ways possible. What better way than to be exactly the same like Maddy. Through the episodes, Cassie’s style began to look more and more like Maddy’s, from her clothes, bolder makeup, staright hair and nails. The “Maddy look a like” look was designed by Seth Pratt and Heidi Bivens to emulate Maddy’s Akna Store design. If you want to copy Maddy and Cassie, you can find a similar pink cashmere cardigan at Versace. Shop Versace tops at GOAT.



If you’re more of a laid back, not showing everything person, you should try Rue’s aesthetic. Her style gives low-key high-school skater girl grunge vibes this season. The second season offers a better looks for Rue, she stepped out from her favorite burgundy hoodie and stepped into vintage t-shirts and flared patterned pants. The second episode shows Rue wearing a VIP Hoodie by Fela Kuti x Online Ceramics and Aries trousers with her signature Converse sneakers. You can easily find similar styles at your favorite vintage shop and upgrade the look with Comme des Garcon Chuck Taylor’s. Shop the Comme des Garcons Chuck Taylor High at Flight Club.



Our girl Jules always comes through with cheerful colors and patterns. From her 90s inspired looks to pop princess, Jules is a fan of layering, abstract prints and patterns, anime, chokers and chunky shoes. For recreating the Jules aesthetic all you need is an oversized sweatshirt, fishnets, a lots of chokers and chunky Fenty boots. Discover more Fenty chelsea boots here. 



Kat’s style has went through the biggest revolution through seasons. From dorky to sexy and sensual looks, Kat gives her all this season. She get’s to a point where she embraces her body and lets her clothes show off her very best asset. Aune Collections nails it yet again for Kat with Fardosa Mini dress and matching gloves made especially for her. Similar looks can be found in multiple fashion houses like Stradivarius and Zara. Be sure to match your pieces and bring an extra fierce makeup look.



Last but not least, Lexi. Much like her frind Kat, Lexi improves her style game during the second season, bringing some skin to her outfits. Season one described her style as understated preppy. while in season two, Lexi introduces her own polished look with newfound confidence. To nail Lexi’s style, shop for a Victorian era top with puff sleves and mini skirt in plaid, pair it with moccasins or loafers and head to a date with your own Fez. 

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