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DSCENE GUIDE: Top 6 Men’s Styles for 2022

In this post, we’ve compiled the most prominent men’s fashion trends for 2022, which will become indispensable components of fashionable ensembles.

DSCENE GUIDE Top 6 Men’s Styles for 2022
Photography by ©Evan Lee

We come across emerging trends and fantastic clothes every season, if not every month. And every alpha male has long been expected to look stylish and appealing on every occasion. Fashion is a diverse term, but keeping up with it is always a lot of fun.

In this post, we’ve compiled the most prominent men’s fashion trends for 2022, which will become indispensable components of fashionable ensembles. So go ahead and put them on your wish list for this season.

Photography by ©Evan Lee


The low waist pants in men’s clothing first emerged in the 1990s and are still popular today. Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada’s new collections are becoming more casual and loose. In 2022, Ermenegildo Zegna produces sets that imitate martial arts suits, with the pants fitting loosely on the hips. The Hermes house shortened the pants roughly to the knee, knotted them with a cord, casually tucked the shirt into them, and wore a knee-length cloak.

Doing Away With Sleeves

In the summer, several designers believed that sleeves were not needed. By merely removing the sleeves, JW Anderson and Burberry transformed the elegant below-the-knee trench coats into something extraordinary. Diesel and Fendi did it entirely differently: they did not simply remove the sleeves, they removed the sides of their coats and shirts. The sleeveless sweater, whether V-neck or round, has become rather popular, as seen on the streets during Fashion Week.

Photography by ©Evan Lee


Once, jeans were only worn for work, but they quickly dominated the entire fashion scene. Overalls may or may not meet such a destiny, but men’s fashion 2022 actively promotes this clothing piece. Jumpsuits are comfortable and light, and now they’re stylish, as Brioni and Erdem have successfully demonstrated. The jumpsuit is always a solid alternative, whether for easy outings or days inside, therefore we recommend you get one right now.

Layering Deadstock

Layering plays a significant part in developing a new generation of men’s styles that blend sustainability and style. Leftover textiles constitute a considerable issue among designers and customers. Recycled materials, also known as deadstock, are layered and used to make these trendy garments. Layers of clothes that are complimentary yet somewhat mismatched are recommended. Bright color elements emphasize distinctive design methods, while balanced colors further harmonize diverse components.


The brown color palette was used in the collections of Hermes, Issey, Dior Men, and others. Brown is also becoming more fashionable in women’s fashion in 2022. It is coupled with milky, gray, black, and also creates whole looks in chocolate hues in men’s fashion 2022. Brown used to be regarded as heavy and dressing in it meant looking monotonous and conventional. However, today’s new materials and dyes make it possible for brown to be a fresh and trendy color. Furthermore, the current trend for simplicity and natural beauty has drawn attention to this underappreciated color on the runways and on the streets.

Photography by ©Evan Lee
Jeans: Levi’s


These are modest, form-fitting ensembles, mainly snow-white but sometimes sand gray and beige. The ensemble is simply softened with a lemon shirt, light purple pants, and colorful collars if there is a wish to increase focus. A stiff jacket looks fantastic with relaxed shorts and a turtleneck — all three kinds of clothing are in the same style as smart casuals.

As a new year dawns, fashion brands and designers are showing innovative designs in 2022. With brightly colored items, suits devoid of any formality, giant sweatpants, and excessively wide pants where comfort reigns supreme, this year’s style will be all about freedom and hope.

Images from MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Mike Gioia by Evan Lee – See the full story here

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