Accessories You Have to Pack for a Work Weekend Away

Make a list, tick it off before leaving the house and you will have everything you need

Accessories You Have to Pack for a Work Weekend Away
Photography by ©Julie Vielvoije

Any time you travel, there are things you should always pack and other things which you could probably do without. However, when it comes to a work weekend away, chances are that the itinerary is already set so packing should be a bit easier. You know what you will be doing which makes it easy to pack the proper attire. Accessories, on the other hand, may be a bit more complex. With that said, perhaps the best way to get that list together is to start with the outfits you will be wearing so that you can accessorise accordingly.

Business Casual Shoes

Since this is a work weekend away, you will probably be in meetings and/or training seminars. Although you are not at the office, ladies should still dress as if they were in a work environment. Dressing in a trouser suit would be appropriate with a nice pair of flats for comfort. There is probably no reason to dress in heels if you are not wearing a dress, so those flats should do nicely. The one thing you probably want to avoid would be athletic shoes, even though you are away. Remember, it’s a business weekend away so unless you don an athletic outfit to do a bit of sightseeing after hours, you wouldn’t want to wear them to meetings.


Keep any jewellery casual but a charm bracelet and a small pendant might add a nice touch to a business casual ladies’ trouser suit. The one thing to avoid would be statement pieces. Although you might occasionally wear them at the office, it might not make a good impression if someone from home office was there giving a mini-course or keynote speech.

Accessories You Have to Pack for a Work Weekend Away
Photography by ©Julie Vielvoije

Semi-Formal Evening Accessories

Most often when you’ve been ‘dragged’ away from home for a business weekend, the boss rewards you for your time away from family and friends. They will probably book a table at a full-service restaurant, perhaps at the hotel in which you are staying. A cocktail dress would be appropriate and perhaps a pair of Heist black tights in a fishnet pattern. You can’t go wrong with black. Don’t forget to pack a pair of pumps or heels, a shoulder wrap in the event that the evening turns chilly, and of course an evening bag to carry with you. This should complete the accessories that you’ll need for your evening attire.


During meetings, there is no way to answer phone calls so a smartwatch would make the perfect accessory for those long, and often boring meetings where nothing new is added. The group leader requests that all mobile phones be left in the rooms or turned off, but they usually will not bother with a smartwatch. If you get an emergency message from home, you can casually excuse yourself and leave the room prior to returning the call.

All Else

While things like toothbrushes, cosmetics, and other toiletries aren’t really considered to be accessories, they are things which you cannot do without. You may want to bring a notebook or laptop and of course your handy smartphone you never leave home without. It is suggested that you accessorize your business casual with a messenger bag so that you can keep any items you might need close at hand. Accessorizing for a work weekend away would be much the same as accessorising for the office with one major difference. If you fail to pack something, you can’t make a quick trip home for it. Make a list, tick it off before leaving the house and you will have everything you need.

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