How To Create A Home Salon On a Budget

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Many would love to momentarily escape life’s worries and occasionally be pampered. With so many challenges most people encounter today, including yourself, it’d be nice to close your eyes and have someone work on your hair, as well as make you feel and look beautiful. It doesn’t have to be in a high-end and posh place though. Even home salons can let you feel the luxury big and expensive salons usually offer.

In 2020, the market size for salons dropped considerably because of closures caused by lockdowns. Still, it’s quickly gaining back momentum and people are returning to salons to avail themselves of services for their hair, face, or skin. In fact, the market size for salons in 2022 reached more than USD$53 billion.

Further, it’s believed that clients are becoming picky about where they put their money. Trends suggest that customers nowadays prefer to pick brands and companies that resonate with them on a personal level and provide top-notch support and services – home salons can occupy a commanding size of the market if they’re able to connect with salon-goers.

Starting Your Very Own Salon At Home On A Budget

The current diversification of the beauty industry is opening the doors for business-savvy beauty experts looking to enter the sector. In fact, you can even join the bandwagon and start to test the waters with a home salon of your own.

There are many aspects to starting a home salon business including how to design a hair salon. If you’re working with a tight budget, keep on reading to learn more about tips on creating a home salon on a budget.

  1. Buy From Trusted Suppliers

You might think buying from an authorized salon furniture maker will set you back, but you’re mistaken. Even if they offer a higher price on their salon furniture, you can be sure of its durability and quality. You wouldn’t need to keep on replacing it because of wear and tear. Quality salon furniture from certified makers will assure you that the pieces you invest in will last a very long time. Another great thing about them is they offer a warranty covering years of use, so you don’t have to worry about minor mishaps.

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Photography by © Zheng Lei
  1. Watch Out For Clearance Sales

Many furniture sellers hold clearance sales in their showrooms and online. It’d be best to watch out for them so you can get significant savings on your furniture purchases. Usually, towards the end of winter or summer, furniture retailers drop their prices to make way for new styles to be displayed. It’s best to sign up on their email mailing list so you’ll get notified of the dates when they’ll schedule these.

  1. Repurpose Old Furniture

If you’re a big fan of the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement, it’d be nice to look for old items and repurpose them to look like new and eclectic pieces worthy of being used in your new home salon. You may transform an old door and make it look like a chic makeup station, complete with a vintage mirror and a floating shelf where you can display tiny plants or marketing collaterals.

An old kitchen cabinet can be repurposed and styled to look like an elegant storage cabinet for hair supplies. Old chairs can be altered and dressed with your salon’s theme and color palette, so you won’t need to buy new ones. It’d depend on your ingenuity and creativity. Your present home could be a treasure trove of things you can modify that you can use in your new home salon.

home salon
Photography by © Zheng Lei
  1. Cleverly Assign Salon Working Stations

Managing a small space could be tricky, but designing your space and placing stations right where they should be will make your salon customers happy and comfortable.

It’d help if you had a hair washing station near your water source with a comfortable reclining chair, so your customer’s neck won’t be painful after the hair washing. This is very important as comfort is one of the things people look for when they plan their salon outings. It’s also crucial that it’s near your water source so you won’t need to spend much on plumbing.

Assign a workstation. Depending on the size of your space, you can have one for hair styling and another for makeup. Designating workstations is a part of salon ownership and management.

It’d be nice if you had a reception area to welcome your clients, where their companions could also lounge and read magazines while waiting. This will also make your home salon look professional. Your reception area is where you’ll also finish the transaction, receive your client’s payment and maybe have a little upselling of products to add to the sale.

  1. Buy Affordable Décor

Buy affordable décor, but style it like a pro. Your cheap finds don’t have to look cheap when styled nicely. Check out styling guides and magazines for inspiration. Or you can always rely on the good old rule of three.

When used in styling, the rule of three will make an area look beautifully balanced. This is because an odd number looks more natural and less forced according to home design experts.

  1. Decorate With Plants

Indoor plants will make your salon look aesthetically pleasing and have a positive, calming effect on your clients and yourself. They can reduce the stress levels of people in the room, provide a healthier atmosphere since they absorb toxins, and boost overall mood and creativity so you can produce better results for your clients.


Creating a home salon on a budget is possible. Knowing where to buy the supplies you’ll need, planning the space well, and decorating within your means will allow you to achieve the home salon dream you aspire for.

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