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Changes in Fashion Trends over the Time

This article explores a few of the major changes in fashion that have occurred over time

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Fashion and style are often used interchangeably, but are in fact two very different things. Style refers to the way a person expresses oneself by aesthetic choices such as clothing, accessories, haircut, and how they put together an outfit. You may opt for a specific style or may have a personal style statement; however, fashion can be taken broadly. Fashion is the prevalent style within a certain culture. Fashion is about new trends: It refers to fashionable clothing styles at a given era. Some fashion trends might suit you while some don’t. Over the last ten years, the world has seen varying fashion trends and styles. Some fashion statements have remained with people over time while some have become obsolete. Some old-style fashion lines have again become popular while people rejected some new fashion lines. This article discusses some of the changing fashion trends that we have witnessed over time.

Less is More

In the past, we have seen images of ladies decorating and ornamenting them from head to toes. From the fancy hats to heavy laced boots, the fashion line for ten years was focused on high detailing and putting extra cherries on the top of everything to make a fashion statement. However, the current trend says less is more. Nowadays, women prefer to use a more minimalistic approach. Simple style staples, easygoing and comfortable dresses, minimal makeup… In short: You don’t need to overly accessorize your outfit to be fashionable.

Images by ©Williams + Hirakawa for DSCENE

Casual Styles

Women today want to dress in more relaxed, informal styles for daily wear. For everyday wear, avoid wearing tight dresses or high heels; instead, choose for a breezy floral dress and a pair of sneakers to seem polished and well-put-together. Personal comfort is prioritized nowadays. You can either wear a cozy hoodie and jeans, a flared skirt and boots, or any other dress that makes you feel at ease. Activewear, tracksuits, loungewear, and streetwear, are now everyday staples. You don’t have to wear tight jeans to look attractive or stylish.

Images by ©Williams + Hirakawa for DSCENE

Suit Up

Suits are no longer simply for guys to appear smart in; ladies may also pull off an elegant look with suits. Office suits for women are increasingly much more widespread, and not only for wearing in offices; suits are also a thing to wear for women at any function. Suits in various cuts, matched with modern accessories, lined with interesting prints, the choices are endless. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and colors, and they provide an appealing yet formal appearance. Suits were not common for women 10 years ago, and only a certain office-going class wore them, but the trend has completely shifted, and suits have made their way into the fashion stream.

Shoe Styles

When it comes to shoes, one must be choose wisely. Shoes should be comfy enough to keep you on your feet all day. Heels were considered fashionable wear in 2012, but they have always had a divided fashion following. While most of us love them, others despise them because they are just uncomfortable. Though everyone has different shoe preferences, and heels are still a popular fashion trend for special events, boots and sneakers have become highly popular. Women love to wear sneakers under dresses, skirts, and maxis, and brides are increasingly wearing sneakers or other comfy shoes under their wedding gowns because one cannot stay in high heels for an extended amount of time.

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Fashion Accessories

One cannot leave the house without the necessary accessories. Your outfit is incomplete without the use of accessories. Because the current trend is more about minimal styling, the accessories being used are also following suit. Women do not carry huge-sized bags rather designer mini bags are good to go everywhere nowadays.

You don’t have to wear a lot of jewelry to show off your style; rather, simple jewels may help you do so; and you don’t have to wear everything from bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings, and so on, because just one or two jewelry pieces will suffice.

Sunglasses have always been a special accessory to elevate your style and to date, they are serving as one essential fashion accessory item. Belts are another trending accessory in contemporary styling. Belts were introduced somewhere in the ’80s and they are now again in fashion. Oversized leather belts, beaded belts, dazzling glitter belts, and a plethora of styles to be worn over skirts.

Brands are In

The current world of social media has pushed everyone into a race for perfection. Influencers and content creators are pushing a certain image to the masses. They tell you to dress a certain way and wear a certain brand. The popularity of luxury fashion brands has grown significantly among the general public. Almost everyone wants to shop at branded stores and follow the trends set by social media platforms. Shopping from brands and designers was not that widespread many decades ago. However, recently, this pattern has shifted and increased.

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