DSCENE GUIDE: 5 First-Date Essentials

In order to be ready for a first date, make sure you read through the following guidelines

Photography by ©Kinga Klimczak for DSCENE

While you may be old enough to remember only being able to meet potential dates in the wild, these days, dating has become easier than ever with an app for almost any dating style or type of relationship for which you’re looking. Once considered something reserved for people struggling to meet someone, blind dates are commonplace today. Even though meeting potential matches is easier today than ever before, that doesn’t mean that we don’t all experience first-date jitters. From worrying about which coffee shop to meet to what to wear, there are a lot of bases to cover to make sure we leave a lasting impression. If you’ve got a first date coming up, make sure you read through the following essentials to be prepared. After all, luck favors the prepared!

Polished & Groomed

One of the easiest ways to look beautiful and feel confident is to nail your grooming routine and pull it all together. Treating yourself to a professional manicure and pedicure or even a blowout from the salon can go a lot farther than spending hundreds on a new outfit you may never wear again. While basic skin and hair care are given every day, go the extra mile for your date to give you the energy and confidence boost you’ll need to relax and enjoy yourself.

Photography by ©Kinga Klimczak for DSCENE

Subtle Scents

Whether your go-to fragrance is Sweet Like Candy or Moschino, making sure you smell phenomenal is one of the most important essentials to a first date. The sense of smell is important on a normal day, but when chemistry and attraction are at stake, this is one area you can’t overlook. It’s important to use the right cologne for men and perfume for women to make the right impression. Perfumes and colognes also have the power to reduce anxiety, produce mental clarity and provide energy, which are all things you need when meeting a match for the first time.

Casually Comfortable

Most first dates are casual; a coffee shop or even a walk through a park are go-to’s for many singles meeting up for the first time. Studies have shown that most online daters will turn down longer, more involved first-time meetup plans like long dinner dates or shows. So, ensuring you’re comfortable and not overdressed helps you relax and conveys confidence to your date. Instead of running to the store or your favorite online retailer and spending money on a new look, opt for something you already own and in which you feel confident. Dressing casually also leaves you ready to do other things if the date goes well, like a nice walk or sitting in the park talking.

Shared Location

Whether you share your location with friends or family through your cell phone or tell them where you’re going and who you’re meeting (first and last name), you must share this information. Statistically, you will be fine on your date, but sharing your location with someone you trust is critical. In addition to sharing your physical location, make sure your first date is in a location shared with other human beings. Public places are a safe and easy way to ensure everyone has a carefree time, and if something were to happen, there are others around to help. It might be negative to think about before a date, but it’s worth playing it safe.

Photography by ©Kinga Klimczak for DSCENE

Come Prepared

With more people than ever dealing with anxiety issues, you may have social anxiety around your first date. Sure, you had a great back and forth on the app or through text, but it can still be daunting to meet in person and get to know one another. Having some conversation topics or stories prepared can help you get through even the most awkward dessert date. Even though first dates are short and sweet, sometimes they still drag, so you have things to discuss in case you need them. Hopefully, you and your date will have instant chemistry, but this doesn’t always happen and doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a second date.

While everyone will have other additions to their essentials for a first date based on personal factors, the above things are a perfect starting point. From the right hair and perfume to your favorite pair of jeans you feel confident in, the devil is in the details, and details matter with first impressions.

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