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5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best Without Breaking the Bank

If you want to stretch your money as far as possible while remaining fashionable and confident, keep reading for advice on how to do it

Photography by ©Federica Putelli

For many people these days, money doesn’t go as far as it once did, and they have to cut corners in some areas of their life. Since most people didn’t win the genetic lottery, looking and feeling your best takes time and money. While there is significant importance in being happy with the body you’re in and the face your parents gave you, that doesn’t mean you’ll never want new clothes, a manicure, or to get a facial. If you’re looking for ways to stretch your money as far as you can and still stay on trend and feel confident, keep reading for tips on making that happen.

DIY Salon Treatments

While wearing the latest fashions might be your thing, or perhaps you’re more of a minimalist with your aesthetic and prefer a capsule wardrobe, everyone looks their best when groomed to the nines. If you’re the type who enjoys a good spa day but hates the high price tag of treatments, consider doing them at home. Investing in salon-quality manicure and pedicure supplies, your feet and hands can stay beautiful at pennies on the dollar. Do you go to your stylist for a Keratin hair treatment every two weeks? Hair masks can accomplish the same results for much less money. While not everyone has the skill set to cut their hair and certainly not do their lashes, there are plenty of areas you can DIY and save.

Savvy Style

Being savvy with your money can pay off when it comes to your clothing and style. Learning how to stay in style on a budget is a skill that takes a bit of a learning curve, but it pays for itself in spades. Maybe, you didn’t like sifting through thrift or second-hand stores in the past, but as you see the money saved in your bank account, you may change your tune. Shopping in the sale and clearance section can also see significant savings. Make sure you sign up for email updates from brands and designers you love so you’re the first to know when those items you’ve been coveting have been discounted.

Photography by ©Federica Putelli

So Fresh and So Clean

There are several things that Coco Chanel is known for, but none as well as the iconic fragrance Chanel No.5. Making sure you’re groomed is one thing, but kicking things up a notch to make sure you always smell phenomenal leaves a lasting impression on new people you meet as well as those you’ve known for years. Finding the perfect cologne for men or sweet scent for women makes a big difference. Whether you go for something fun and flirty like YSL’s Black Opium or something classic along the lines of Lauren by Ralph Lauren, having a signature scent means you don’t waste money on impulse makeup and fragrance purchases.

Cancel Coffee

We’re all overworked and stretched thin, so coffee gives us energy and makes us feel great. Coffee is a part of our identity; there are t-shirts, tote bags, and more dedicated to being a “coffee person.” If most of us are honest, we spend a lot of money on food “accessories” that we don’t need. If your morning or afternoon coffee or tea is part of your aesthetic, try swapping it out for homemade. You may not think that your $5 to $10 per day drink habit adds up, but it’s estimated that women spend up to $2300 a year on coffee! That is the same amount the average woman spends on Botox a year! Make your new look someone who totes a sustainable coffee or tea mug around instead, and watch your savings grow.

Photography by ©Federica Putelli

Talk it Out

Lastly, but most importantly, one of the best things you can put on every day to look your best is confidence. Confidence is more than a self-esteem issue; talking about the good and bad in your life with a licensed therapist is always a good look. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling or on top of the world; therapy looks great on everyone. Thankfully, affordable options are available online, and therapists charge sliding scale fees in most cities. Honoring your emotional and mental well-being is a good fit, no matter your size.

Taking care of your physical appearance and paying attention to the details will always give you a leg up when it comes to looking your best. But remember that what’s on the inside counts just as much, if not more. Here’s to you!

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