THE FASHION AWARDS 2022 TROPHY: Meet The Designer Yinka Illori

Yinka Illori talks about his work on the stunning The Fashion Awards 2022 Trophy designed out of multi-coloured glass with an embedded SkyDiamond.

Yinka Illori
Yinka Illori comes forward as the designer of this year’s The Fashion Awards 2022 trophy. The trophy designed for the London awards event organized by The British Fashion Council (BFC) is designed by Illori from multi coloured glass speers featuring an embedded SkyDiamond. The multi-coloured glass speers shaping the awards represent multiple creative roles in the fashion industry. Illori also wanted to represent the binding force behind fashion interlaced with culture. The SkyDiamond embedded in the award design is an environmentally friendly diamond created from renewable energy sources. Yinka Illori is working closely on the design with The Glass Foundry.

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Working with SkyDiamond and The Glass Foundry, we have built a sculptural trophy made from clustered glass. The trophy represents the energy and synergy between designers and celebrates a sense of togetherness. This trophy also symbolises the power of culture seen in today’s industry. It is a celebration of the designers who acknowledge and honour their individualism and heritage through their work. I hope that it will serve as a powerful message for all the winners,” shares Yinka Illori talking about the design.

Talking about the design, Founder of SkyDiamond Dale Vince OBE adds: “This is the first time in the history of the Awards that each individual trophy is embedded with a diamond. And not just any diamond but a diamond made from the sky. SkyDiamonds are the rarest diamonds on the planet making the trophies even more unique.”

Ilori is an artist and designer known for his strong visual story reflecting often on his British-Nigerian roots. His artwork brings a unique view interlacing the Nigerian tradition. Illori believes that art and design should be more widely available to all.

Vince who is contributing to this project with his SkyDiamonds is revolutionizing the jewellery industry by creating diamonds in a manner completely opposite to the traditional and often questionable mining. SkyDiamond mines the sky for atmospheric carbon and shapes it into true diamonds. The diamonds are created at SkyDiamond’s UK factory with the use of renewable energy. Till this day this is the only carbon negative diamond created thanks to design but also environmental offsetting.

“We are proud to realise this stunning design, showcasing the unique qualities of glass as a natural material and working with SkyDiamond towards making beautiful objects that don’t cost the Earth,” adds  The Glass Foundry Founder Fiaz Elson.

The Glass Foundry is a unique glass design studio located in the Cotswolds. The Glass Foundry is under the helm of Fiaz Elson who is also a Glass Artist and sculptor with more than 20 years of experience. The

The Fashion Awards serve as a charity gathering funds for the BFC Foundation working on supporting the growth and success of the British Fashion Industry. Throughout the years the BFC Foundation has helped develop future talent and supported further education in the fashion industry. The BFC Foundation works on Grant Giving and Business Mentoring for young designers. In the past years the BFC Foundation remitted over 1.3 million GBP funding projects by designers and scholars.

Yinka Illori, Fiaz Elzon and Dale Vince OBE talk about the trophy design in the video above. 

The Fashion Awards 2022 presented by Diet Coke are scheduled for Monday 5th of December 2022 at The Royal Albert Hall in London. 

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