Ter et Bantine Fall Winter 2015.16 Collection

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Ter et Bantine

Ter Et Bantine presents a striking Fall Winter 2015 womenswear collection under the helm of fashion designer Kostas Murkudis.

A self-determined, fearlessly adventurous traveling woman believing in her dreams, an artist, mother, spouse and entrepreneur, in key words describes the modern spirit of professional women in 2015, to whom Kostas’ is devoting his first TER ET BANTINE collection. Grounded in uniforms and military surplus garments, often using utility inspired fastenings for refined volume control of sophisticated fabrics, a collection of practical, yet chicly elevated clothes emerges. It mysteriously captures a confident multi-tasking power, that female beauty represents in the world of 2015. – from Ter Et Bantine

For more of the collection continue below:

TeretBantine-02 TeretBantine-03 TeretBantine-04 TeretBantine-05 TeretBantine-06 TeretBantine-07 TeretBantine-08 TeretBantine-09 TeretBantine-10

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