#MFW Musso Fall Winter 2015.16 Womenswear Collection

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It is time to go back to the actual season in front of us and discover Roberto Musso Fall Winter 2015.16 collection presented in Milan. The brand has created a feminine as well as empowering collection for the coming winter days.

Explore almost thirty new looks after the jump:

MussoFW15-02 MussoFW15-03 MussoFW15-04 MussoFW15-05 MussoFW15-06 MussoFW15-07 MussoFW15-08 MussoFW15-09 MussoFW15-10 MussoFW15-11 MussoFW15-12 MussoFW15-13 MussoFW15-14 MussoFW15-15 MussoFW15-16 MussoFW15-17 MussoFW15-18 MussoFW15-19 MussoFW15-20 MussoFW15-21 MussoFW15-22 MussoFW15-23 MussoFW15-24 MussoFW15-25 MussoFW15-26 MussoFW15-27

Website: www.robertomusso.it