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Photographer Tamir Sher

Before immersing himself in the secret of his “digital darkroom”, Tamir Sher allows himself to be transported on the wings of inspiration that he derives from photographing reality and its visual clichés. Choosing familiar, themes and locations, he manipulates them, folds them according to his personal perception, to compose pieces where the world, environment and the people that inhabit it often seem estranged.

Recent exhibitions
2006 : « Post cards from Mars », Gal On Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2005 : Hisch gallery, Jerusalem
Helena Rubinstein Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv
2004 : “Sales” Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2003 : “Who stand”, Cabry Gallery, Israel
2002 : “Talking photography”, American University, Washinton
2001 : “Aspiration”, Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2000 : “Lanscapes from Israel”, Modern Art Museum, Arenheim – Norway

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