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Steven Klein – “The Total Lady”

Magazine: Vogue

Issue: September 2003

Editorial: “The total lady”

Models: Elise Crombez, Natalia Vodianoa, Eugenia and Liya Kebede

Photography by Steven Klein

An editorial by celebrity and fashion photographer Steven Klein, featuring most wanted models of 2003 in a futuristic fashion story titled “The Total Lady”, most of the featured models are still hard workers of the fashion industry. Click HERE to view more of Kleins work. Source.

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  1. Klein has become a ONE TRICK PONY! Oy. More robotic girls and futuristic shit. When I was younger, I used to read all the fashion mags and he did brilliant stuff for various ads. Back in like 1991. Now it’s all this dumb provocative crap. And the nadir was Madonna’s Hard Candy imagery. Garbage! 🙂

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