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The Chair by Hyuh Jin Lee

Designer: Hyuh Jin Lee
Location: London, United Kingdom
Specialties: Industrial Design, Interior Design

This chair is inspired by people’s everyday behaviour. When we are in a cafe or restaurant is no room to put a handbag, hat or coat. Or at people’s homes, offices, etc. they would usually throw their clothes on the bed or hang them on chairs. Compared to other normal chairs, The Chair gives a good solution to this fact. It has got a hanger attached to it, so people can conveniently hang their hats, coats and handbags. To give this furniture a natural look, the form of the hanger reassembles the branches of a tree. The jury: smart idea that has been transformed well – 2008 Concept Award. You can view more of Hyuh’s designs at his Coroflot portfolio.

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