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Solar Tower by Zoka Zola Architects

Project: Solar Tower
Designed by: Zoka Zola
Design Team: Dorothea Schulz, Hillary Pinnington, Michelle Man-Ching Lo, Yool Hee Lim, Juan Ching Lee

It is undeniable that the large exterior surface of a tower’s body must be used if maximum amount of renewable energy is to be produced, because the exterior wall of a tower is a much larger surface than a tower’s roof and most towers’ sites. With this understanding, our project looks into potentially optimizing the way a tower captures solar energy. 
Our Solar tower has sun-tracking solar panels attached to the tower’s exterior wall. The solar panels are mounted on horizontal poles with a mechanism (of weighted pulleys) that rotates the panels throughout the day and year to face the sun at an angle of 90. More info…
*Photo credit: Zoka Zola

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