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Digital Wallpaper by Strukt

Project: Digital Wallpaper
Designed by Strukt
Location: Vienna, Austria
To decorate the office space of Büro Hirzberger in Vienna Strukt realised a digital wallpaper that illuminates the walls. In this self-initated project Strukt was given complete creative freedom by the client, and developed a system to project video and realtime content undistorted onto any surface. More images and info under the cut:

The basic idea was to light up the black and white striped office wall by mapping the architecture with multitple projectors. The program developed by Strukt is scripted in vvvv and is scaleable to any number of projectors and any architectural shape. Several different visualisations have been realised already, amongst it a Pac Man animation as well as moving stripes, and more are in development. The content could also be made interactive, reacting to people passing the ground-floor offices.
The hardware is courtesy of Concept Solutions Vienna.
Source | strukt

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