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Supplementaire: The Fashion Issue

Fashion Journal: Supplementaire
Issue: #2 – The Fashion Issue
Contributors: Ian Cole, Sam Scott Schiavo, Joseph Bleu, Alex Brunet, Mike LewisDamon Loble, Justin Wu, Karl Simone, India Hobson, Davide Sometti and Matilde Travassos.
Supplementaire magazine/fashion journal comes back with a fashion theme even stronger as magazines 2nd number is The Fashion Issue, editor-in-chief Ian Cole rounds up some of the most noted photography names, generation of creatives set to shape the future of fashion photography. In this exclusive preview we picked out some of our fave images from Supplementaire #2, in it's unique 12"x12" format and 320 pages, this wonderful fashion journal will be available both online and in print May 7th, for more previews continue after the jump:

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*Images courtesy of Ian Cole.

V65: Karen Elson by Glen Luchford

Cultural Center by OFF Architecture