Tampere Central Deck and Arena by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind

Project: Tampere Central Deck and Arena 
Completion: Arena 2011, full project 2018
Location: Tampere, Finland
The prolific Studio Daniel Libeskind is in charge of Tampere Central Deck and Arena project, making this another Libeskind design to from a new city landscape.

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  1. Basically it's a rehash of Libeskind's Ground Zero design with a bunch of "towers spiraling up to a peak", plus he's re-used the "building over the highway" gimmick from his Westside Shopping Mall.
    Is it any wonder that people are tired of Libeskind's endless self-plagiarism?  How many times can he churn out the same old ideas?  How many times will he jam and force the same weak solution onto another site? Does he even bother to analyze the context or site before he does those corny doodles?
    This is not design. This is mass production of weak forms.

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