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Isabel Lucas for Asos November 2011

Isabel Lucas

Magazine: ASOS
Issue: November 2011
Cover Star: Isabel Lucas
Photographer: Jason Nocito
Asos selects the lovely Isabel Lucas to front their November 2011 edition, Isabel was photographed in Laurel Canyon by Jason Nocito. Asos talked to Isabel about her style, acting and writing: 

“I never really paid much attention to fashion growing up. It’s really just colours or the way that things are woven. It’s individual vintage pieces I love, but then when Chanel sends you a beautiful skirt, that’s special too.”

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Isabel has starred in films like Transformers, Daybreakers, mini series The Pacific and she takes part in the upcoming Immortals premiering November 11th with Kellan Lutz, Mickey Rourke and Freida Pinto. Here's what else Isabel had to say to Asos readers:

On what she’s learnt from Hollywood: “I like playing smaller characters in films. It’s been feeling right not to have all the weight on me to carry it. That will come along when it makes sense. On a film I did called Daybreakers, I would go on the set and spend hours watching Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe.”

How acting has brought her out her shell: “I was shy when I was young, and I wouldn’t have had the guts to go after it myself. But then I did acting courses for a year and Home and Away was my first audition. I remember being overwhelmed by the fact people would even see me for an audition. I got booked and it was a big shift. Suddenly I was 18 and moving to Sydney. Acting has helped me come out of my shell. I always thought I was too sensitive, but now I know I can channel that for work.”

Lucas also talks about writing: “Angus (her boyfriend, the singer, Angus Stone) is a beautiful writer and that inspires me. I’ve been writing diaries since I was six. Sometimes it’s to get clarity on a certain issue, or to never forget something that I want to savour… Maybe it’s my form of therapy.” 

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