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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2015.16 Collection

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton presented its fall winter 2015 women’s collection during Paris Fashion Week, with a slew of top models taking the runway.

What is a fashion collection made of? It’s a multi-dimensional journey, facetted by experiences both immediate and distant. Shreds of discoveries, recollections transformed by memory, imaginative anticipation… Treasures brought back from unfamiliar lands or explorations into the intimacy of a wardrobe. A sentimental anthology of iconic images and ridiculous photos that still have primordial meaning. That’s what a fashion collection is. It’s an inventory that embraces everything: a solemn past, a fertile present and the inevitably dreamlike future. A collection is a travel diary. It’s an open-ended journey into the world that reflects the daring paths of the spirit. It’s a sentimental adventure made of scattered inspirations and great aspirations. And it has only one means of locomotion: intuition. – from Louis Vuitton

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LouisVuitton-02 LouisVuitton-03 LouisVuitton-04 LouisVuitton-05 LouisVuitton-06 LouisVuitton-07 LouisVuitton-08 LouisVuitton-09 LouisVuitton-10 LouisVuitton-11 LouisVuitton-12 LouisVuitton-13 LouisVuitton-14 LouisVuitton-15 LouisVuitton-16 LouisVuitton-17 LouisVuitton-18 LouisVuitton-19 LouisVuitton-20 Images Courtesy of Louis Vuitton LouisVuitton-21 LouisVuitton-22 LouisVuitton-23 LouisVuitton-24 LouisVuitton-25 LouisVuitton-26 LouisVuitton-27 LouisVuitton-28 LouisVuitton-29 LouisVuitton-30 Images Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Pivovarova for Toteme Spring Summer 2015

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey for Another Man by Alasdair McLellan