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#MFW Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Alberta Ferretti presented her Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the Milano Fashion Week. The collection features light, delicate, and enriched dresses with a sense of romance that is never out of place. Ferretti’s women has classic femininity without the formality of convention.


Alberta Ferretti creates a world filtered by dreams, fantasies, and aspirations. This utopia pairs with the Alberta Ferretti woman: she is confident, believes in herself and in her abilities, is determined, strong and feminine. Her eccentricity represents liberty, she lives by her own rules and defines her life, personality and style. “I decided to design a very free and feminine silhouette, to define and enhance the Ferretti woman. I believe these pieces add a little magic to our everyday life. For this reason, I went back to working with bias cuts and lightweight materials to emphasize a style that envelops the figure” says Alberta Ferretti. Satin jumpsuits with contrast piping exude a sense of ease and nonchalance. Skirts and coats in tweed bouclé are adorned with fur accents. Simple bustier dresses made from cotton and sometimes wool, are finished with tridimensional embroideries. The played down formality of the menswear-inspired jackets are feminized with contrasting velvet under collars.  Lengths are varied and range from mini, midi, and maxi, creating a linear, confident silhouette. Shoes include stiletto heels and relaxed flats, with velvet mules, and ankle boots, occasionally embellished with embroidery. – from Alberta Ferretti

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All images courtesy of Alberta Ferretti

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