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#PFW Chalayan Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

 presented Fall Winter 2016/17 collection during the Paris Fashion WeekThe designer was inspired by North West Europe and various attributes of teutonic cultures, namely Germany. The Collection is called Teutonic and it is divided into 8 chapters: Landscape, Fairy tales, Hidden Past, Weight, Reconstruction, Economic Success, Yourself Culture and Loss of Self.


Teutonic: Known ultimately for its economic success, Germany is currently a very compelling destination for Middle Eastern migrants. However, Germany is also responsible for many other facets of western culture that we overlook and take for granted. For instance the culture of fairy tales and hence Walt Disney, The “self-make” culture (Burda Magazine and make it yourself endorsement), art movements and literature, many artists we know as American but who were educated in Germany, the techno culture, electronic music, as well as more obvious contributions such as car technology and the autobahn and how these have had an influence and played a role in our lives one way or another. In light of all the above, the collection is a study on abstracting these teutonic attributes and merging them with clothes. These are, as always, based on precision cutting, experimentation and practicality proposing an innovative, luxurious wardrobe of a modern woman. – from Chalayan

Chapters Landscape, Weight, Reconstruction, Economic Success, Yourself Culture and Loss of Self all feature Swarovski Crystals.

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All images courtesy of Chalayan

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