The Unsung Hero of Your Home

We often forget a mattress is one of the important parts of our home, after all we spend the most of the time in our home sleeping.

By now it seems fairly clear to most people that sleep plays a large part in keeping us healthy. It improves memory, helps you to maintain a healthy weight and can even lengthen your lifespan. Similarly, lack of sleep affects your ability to concentrate, and potentially cause depression and make you age prematurely. It also puts you at risk of some very serious illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease and increases your chances of suffering a stroke. Needless to say, making sure you hit your nightly sleep quota should be top of your list of priorities.

Our bedrooms are of course the room in our home that have the biggest effect on our sleep. They are supposed to be a sanctuary, but all too often this purpose is forgotten and instead invaded by the various devices that accompany us throughout the day. Whether that is a television, a laptop perched on top of your duvet, or your phone, the stresses and pressures of everyday life are introduced to the bedroom through these devices and can prevent you from achieving a real sense of calm. It’s a good idea to leave all your electronic devices in the living room and create a calming atmosphere with these modern bedroom ideas.

By the time we are 75-years-old, we will have spent on average 25 years asleep. That is one third of our lives spent in our beds. This makes the bed the place where you will spend a significant portion of your life. While there are many articles dedicated to making your bedroom a calm space, very few are actually dedicated to the bed itself. The mattress in particular is rarely discussed, even though it is probably the most important item in your bedroom. There are many new specialty brands (such as Tempur-Breeze) that offer unique benefits like temperature regulation. Your mattress can dictate the quality of your sleep and as such can have a direct influence on your general well-being.

All sleep is not equal. There are several stages of sleep and only one of these stages truly helps your body to recover and restore itself, which is called the third stage of non-REM sleep. This stage is only achievable when body and mind are truly relaxed and at peace. To ensure that your body is getting the rest it truly deserves, invest in a mattress that will promote restful sleep to the best of its ability. A mattress from Eve, for example, will benefit your sleep immensely, thanks to its breathable fabric and cooling technology that keeps your body at a comfortable temperature whilst in a hot room. Take a look at their Instagram account for some more pics, that will likely make you want to cozy up in bed immediately. Their mattresses are also available on Amazon, in case you are more comfortable buying from a seller you know.

A truly great mattress is a splurge that may seem excessive at first, but consider it an investment in your health. With the right mattress, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of rest and give yourself the kind of sleep you deserve.

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