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Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2016 Couture Collection

Viktor & Rolf

Amsterdam-based fashion house Viktor & Rolf presented their Fall Winter 2016 Vagabonds collection at the latest Paris Haute Couture Week. The collection was made using fabrics and garments from past seasons and is named after the vagabonds of British novelist Charles Dickens’ tales of Victorian London.

Viktor&Rolf’s Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is created using select fabrics . Starting from scratch, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren use mementos from a multitude of past collections as a basis for their new creations. Fabrics are torn, mixed up and woven by hand to create new voluminous shapes and textures. Vintage pieces, including items from Viktor&Rolf’s own archive, are used as a starting point for elaborately decorated garments. Embroideries consist of dense, organic mixtures of repurposed buttons, beads and crystals.

ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-02 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-03 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-04 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-05 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-06 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-07 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-08 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-09 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-10 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-11 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-12 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-13 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-14 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-15 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-16 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-17 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-18 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-19 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-20 Untitled-2 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-21 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-22 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-23 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-24 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-25 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-26 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-27 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-28 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-29 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-30 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-31 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-32 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-33 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-34 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-35 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-36 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-37 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-38 ViktorRolfCoutureFW16-39

Fashion Editor/Stylist Elodie David Touboul
Models Alena Nurgaleeva, Charlotte Lindvig, Estella Boersma, Estelle Chen, Felice Veen, Iris Landstra, Jing Wen, Kai Newman, Klementyna Dmowska, Lauren de Graaf, Lena Hardt, Luka van der Veken, Phillipa Hemphrey, Piene Burgers, Rachel Finninger, Sofie Hemmet, Sophie Jones, Susanne Knipper, Victoria Kosenkova, Vika Ihnatenko, Wangy Xin Yu

#MBFW: Dimitri SS17 Collection

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