Efisio Marras Is a New Director of I’M ISOLA MARRAS

I’m Isola Marras named Efisio Rocco Marras the family fashion house’s contemporary range’s new director. The 24-year-old son of celebrated stylist Antonio Marras has years of experience in the industry: the Parsons School of Design, Paris; Central St Martins, London; and he graduated from Paris in photography and liberal arts.

I’m Isola Marras is already working to redirect the brand towards a “savvy”, commercial line with immediate repercussions on the young, casual sector. Isola’s new direction is intended to be more informal, spontaneous and accessible. The young Marras’s vision is fresh, contemporary and cosmopolitan, light and comfortable yet enormously stylish. There are great expectations for the 2017-2018 winter collection, to which Efisio has already made small contributions. I’m Isola Marras will strive to carve out a niche for itself among its contemporaries using its signature keywords: imaginative, fun and romantic. None of this will be forgotten, in fact there’ll be the addition of technical fabrics with the damasks typical of the brand’s DNA, new cuts for classic volumes and a major focus on prints. Isola will have a more laid-back attitude and will allow itself to be cross-fertilised by worlds which are its opposites – from sporty to punk. I’m Isola Marras maintains and strengthens its personal character in an expansion plan focused on the East. After opening its first own-store in Dubai (June 2016), when it separated from the flagship line once and for all, I’m and Efisio Marras plan to open several flagship stores in the Emirates and China as from end-2017. It will certainly be a considerable challenge to maintain the Marras world’s intrinsic poetry and attempt to “export” it to the ready-to-wear sector and make it accessible and comprehensible for the new generation I’m seeks to engage with. – from I’m Isola Marras

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