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Tips for Saving Money on Fashionable Kids Clothes

It seems like kids grow overnight. When you have little ones, it feels like they go to bed and grow inches in the night. With that in mind, it can get difficult to keep them clothed, particularly in a stylish way. When kids grow out of items so fast, you may find yourself torn as to how much to spend on their clothes. This can be especially true when you love trendy, fashionable clothes for your kids.

It seems like so many high-end designers have moved in the direction of kids’ clothes, and every magazine usually has at least one section dedicated to the most fashionable celebrity kids.

Luckily, even if you don’t want to break the bank, there are some excellent ways to save on kids’ clothes and make sure they still look great and are fashion-forward:

Choose Gender Neutral Items

If you have more than one child or you plan on expanding your family at any time, you might want to consider buying gender neutral items. A lot of children’s designers have started offering chic, great-looking gender neutral items that are more stylish than the options of the past, which were often only available in shades of green or yellow.

If you choose gender neutral colors and clothing items, they can be passed own more easily and worn by several children.

Some of the things you might want to focus on here primarily include more expensive things, such as winter clothing.

Shop Secondhand and Consignment

There are excellent secondhand, and consignment shops available that cater specifically to people who want designer kids’ clothing for less. If you don’t have good options in your town, you can shop online. These sites offer brand names, often from leading designers, at a fraction of the cost of what they would be new.

What’s particularly useful about these online retailers is that they have strict quality control standards, so you’re not likely to be surprised by the condition of the items you receive.

Buy From Smaller Designers

Along with the big names in kids’ fashion, a lot of newer and up and coming designers offer great products for kids. Since they’re not as established as other designers, you’re likely to find better deals on these pieces, many of which are one-of-a-kind.

You can browse online and use sites like Etsy to connect with new designers. Your kids’ clothes will be ahead of the trends, but you won’t spend as much as you would with internationally known designers.

Set Up Swaps

Connect with other families either in your area or online that are interested in swapping designer clothes. You can meet up with one another if you’re located in the same area, or if you’re online, you can share pictures of the items you have, and choose items from what they’re willing to get rid of. The best part is that you’re not paying to participate in a swap you set up yourself.

As a final note, if you love cool items for little ones, try to shop off-season whenever you can, and take a look at high-end retailers’ clearance racks for the best deals.

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