Summer Beauty Problems, Solved!

We’re getting closer to summer. Top designers have made their summer collections available and most of us can’t wait for the season to start. Looking beautiful in the summer, enjoying days out, and trying new activities – or even going on a holiday – are some of the things you will be able to enjoy in the summer.

Of course, Summer is not without its challenges. The extra heat and all of the activities you try could lead to beauty problems that could affect your look for the season. Worry not, because we have the best solutions to the common summer beauty problems in this article.

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Chipped Tooth

Do you know that cases of people getting their tooth chipped happen twice as often in the summer? The outdoor activities, spending days at the beach, and the active nature of summer increases the chances of accidents that could lead to chipped tooth.

The best way to deal with a chipped tooth is by going to see a dentist immediately. You can use over-the-counter pain reliever to deal with the pain. You can also use an ice pack to take care of the swelling. At the end of the day, however, getting the chipped tooth fixed is still a necessary thing to do.

Fortunately, tooth repair cost is very affordable. Finding a dentist that can help you take care of the chipped tooth is also very easy to do. All you need to worry about is seeing a doctor as quickly as possible to prevent other problems from arising.


Sunburn is another common beauty problem that happens a lot in the summer. The combination of the sun and a clear sky could cause some discomforts. It is always better to prevent sunburn by wearing sunblock whenever you are outdoors. When you do get sunburnt, apply an ice-cold compress to alleviate the pain.

If the sunburn is severe, it is also recommended to see a doctor. The doctor may give you medication to restore the health and beauty of your skin. Meds like hydrocortisone cream are very effective when used to treat sunburn. You’ll be ready for another day at the beach in no time.

Dull Skin

Getting tanned and letting the skin get exposed to a lot of sunlight can also lead to dullness. This is due to the fact that your skin absorbs more nutrients as a way to remain healthy against the increased sunlight exposure.

Similar to sunburn, you can use creams to help alleviate some of the symptoms of dull skin and restore the natural beauty of it in no time. You can also increase your nutrient intake. Vitamins A and C are very important for your skin, especially in the summer. Natural estrogens found in greens are also good for the season.

Don’t forget to moisturize often. Use a moisturizer that also has sufficient SPF so that you don’t have to use sunblock after applying the moisturizing cream. This way, maintaining your beauty and avoiding – or fixing – common summer beauty problems is even easier to do.

Images by Helen Eriksson for Design SCENE

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