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Writing a Fashion Research Paper in Less Than 24 Hours

Deadline is in less than a day. Here are some priceless tips helping you write up your fashion research essay in less than 24 hours. Good luck!

How big are your chances to get A+ if you have less than 24 hours to write a fashion research paper? As a fashion course student writing an essay in one night only is a hard thing to do, in fact whatever the matter of your studies is. But writing a several page research paper in less than a day seems to be an impossible mission to complete. Of course, we don’t recommend experimenting, trying to find out whether you’re capable of doing this on your own. But if you’re already in a situation when your research paper has to be submitted by tomorrow and you haven’t still written a word, don’t panic. There is always a way out.

In this particular case, you have two options to choose from. You can either hire a professional writing service, or do everything by yourself. With the first option, you can apply to various writers courses for qualified writing assistance.

And with the second option, you can read DESIGN SCENE‘s tips to get to know how to organize your writing activity to compose a research paper from scratch in one day only: 

How to Finish a Research Paper In One Day

The first and the most important advice for writing a qualitative research paper is probably about understanding and narrowing your topic. It is needless to say creating a strong title page is pivotal to the first impression of your research paper, it also needs to strongly reflect on the main topic of your paper. If you can narrow the topic and point out a thesis statement and create a clear outline, then you will be able to handle even a 20-page paper in one night. When analyzing the topic you have, go more and more narrow with your research. You don’t want to write a paper about something too general. In this case, you won’t be able to formulate a specific idea, thus you will write a lot without seeing the middle and the end of the work as you go. Even if you have the most ordinary topic ever, think about how you particularly can contribute to this field with your own research. Don’t try to repeat the research that has been done already by other scientists. From the very beginning think about what you would like to bring to this topic from your own point of view. Don’t copy someone else. Firstly, find your own angle to look from at this question.

Then, you can read the background of the topic provided by other people who are already in this field for a long time, as you’re not an expert in it yet. Compare their ideas, approaches, and results with yours.

Get all the books that you might need for writing a paper, and find a place where you will be fully focused on your work only. It may be a college library or a place in your favorite coffee shop if it is not too busy at the moment. Or it can be your workplace at home. Just make sure you won’t be easily distracted by other people or gadgets. What you need is a couple of hours of a complete concentration to get all your work done.

Since you’ve found an appropriate place to work, an appropriate material to base your paper on, and an approach to the topic, which you’re going to discuss, you can start writing.


Taking a course in fashion writing, is an endless task, to stay on top of the trends you have to be continuously informed. At any given point new collections are showing if it’s not Paris or Milan then it’s the international fashion weeks season such as Seoul and Sydney. To stay on of it, subscribe to your favourite fashion magazine, today most magazine’s, including ours offer newsletter subscription sending you the best of their daily or weekly articles.

Understandably you won’t have time to read all the articles, online or in the print magazines you fetch on a newsstand. Make sure to bookmark for later reading, or if it’s a topic of your fashion course or one you are yet to take it’s always convenient to come back to while working on your research paper.

Planning and Writing

Don’t start writing a research paper in a chaotic way, adding new data to the flow of the research. Create a plan firstly.

⦁ Write down a detailed plan of what parts your paper is going to contain;
Do a research. Leave the longest period of time you have for a research process specifically, when it comes to fashion don’t miss bibles like VOGUE  Magazine and ELLE but also new sources like or Business Of Fashion. These sites are clearly an encylopedia of everything and anyone in today’s fashion industry! As well as any subject you might need to write a research paper on. The more profound the research is, the better the paper will be, and the faster an actual writing process will become.
⦁ Find relevant information to support or oppose your ideas. Don’t make a mistake of adding any kind of information, which is not relevant to your topic. Such information won’t add positive attitude towards your paper. In fact, you can even lose the highest grades because of the irrelevant or inaccurate data;
⦁ If you’ve already written a lot and still have free pages without knowing what to write about, you can add citations. Adding quotes is the easiest way to fill in the paper. But don’t overdo with this. Citations shouldn’t make the biggest part of your project;
⦁ Proofread and edit. Never miss this step only because you don’t have time or energy for doing this. You risk losing those precious grades, which you were working on so hard. If you have time and efforts to compose a paper in less than 24 hours, then you have time to proofread and edit it as well.

And remember to keep your energy level high while working on your essay almost non-stop. For this, prepare mind food to trigger your brain, and make short breaks after 40-45 minutes of work. Hopefully, these recommendations will be helpful for you.

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