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Gift Ideas for Someone You Love

Gifts are very common at the beginning of every relationship but with time, the whole idea of those treasured tokens of gratitude fades away.This is because you can’t really figure out what you will get for him/her and rather than risking failure, you let the idea of surprises and gifts fade away. Well, this should not be the case when you have the right guidance.

Gift idea lists from wrapped gifts to looking for fun things to do with that special someone are endless. Here is a unique list sure to blow up their minds for that special occasion.

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Beauty gifts

There’s no better gift than giving that special someone the right and the means to pamper themselves every day. It is the kindest thing, straight from the heart, that you can do. After all, looking good is all that matters in the world we are living in. investing in someone’s self-care goes a long way into boosting their overall happiness. You will be remembered every time they open that beauty box.

Pampering clothes

Clothes are another great way of keeping that special thinking of you. You could get something for him/her to wear every day to bed, something to wear to a special night out/ dinner or just something soft to slip into while she gets ready for work.

something to hang on the wall

We all forget, but a reminder block that says “I can’t stop loving you” will never fail you. There is a lot in variety when it comes to looking for creative wall-art pieces for both men and women.


The idea of flowers for a special occasion never gets old. A bouquet of flowers never disappoints, especially when it comes to surprising a pretty lady. Combining your bouquet of flowers with a matching vase will even be more magical.

love letters

Love letters are the only form of communication to your loved one that will last even long after you are gone. Make sure to write that special someone a whole collection of love letters that they will cherish forever.

Very unique – A bottle of champagne for a special evening

Nothing sets a love mood better than a bottle of champagne. It is the perfect gift for a proposal night, wedding anniversary or a birthday. A bottle of champagne paired with a champagne sword is a sure bet to romancing that special someone right off the bat.

Bangles and rings

Whoever said that “bangles and rings are a couple’s best friends” didn’t lie. Bangles and rings are a sign of commitment, love and most important of all, beauty.

A warm blanket

A soft, nice-smelling warm blanket could never go wrong at making that special someone feel safe and loved. Make sure you know their favorite color.

A massage night out

If you are always busy and rarely have time for each other, a massage night out can be a good way to reconnect and relax after a busy day. Even better, you could get your own massage oils and surprise him/her with your own massage skills.

A pillow for her and a watch for him

A snuggly pillow embroidered with the words, “you are very special” will always remind her of how supportive you are in the good and bad times. A good watch will always remind him of your beautiful glow wherever he might be.

An unforgettable trip

Couples dream about traveling, but most never get to do it. Children have to be taken care of, duty calls, hotel reservations are hard to secure, tickets to the Super Bowl might be hard to get and the list continues. Why not decide for a simple get-away hiking trip on a weekend and decide what your better half will wear to the hiking trip while you are at it.

Images by Pim Van Baalen for Design SCENE Magazine

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