Autumn Skincare – The Seasons Are Changing and So Should Your Regime

Autumn Skincare

When you are busy during the summer months, you may want to stick to a stronger skin care routine so that any sweat does not cause breakouts or blocked pores. But as the season changes to autumn, this will bring along with it the chance of strong wind and rain, as well as more time spent in your home in order to avoid this weather, meaning that your face may lack the moisture it needs to look vibrant. Due to this it is important to update your skin care routine to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Here are some ideas of how you can do this in the list below.

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Using Fun Natural Products

For skin companies like Tropic Skincare, it’s important to use natural fruit, flowers and minerals to ensure that there are no chemicals that can cause irritation or blemishing to the skin. However, the latest trend for this autumn is actually Maple Leaf Extract within skin care products. Maple Leaf Sap has shown that it has natural anti-ageing properties that can soften wrinkles quickly. It can even support the skin’s elastin production, meaning that the protein in the skin is given a boost to make the skin look smooth.

Wake up your skin

Going out in the sunlight can be a fantastic way to boost up your energy and mood. However, as the days grow shorter you may begin feeling the “Summer Aftershock,” and begin to feel tired and low and unenergetic. Whilst you would normally use coffee in a beverage to pep yourself up during this time, it can now be used to help with your skin treatment. Not only do coffee skin treatments shrink blood vessels, meaning that any red inflammation or flushing is reduced, but it is a known helper against wrinkles and blemishes, as it is full of antioxidants that can practically “wake up the skin” by boosting its circulation.

Moisturising your Skin

When you approach autumn, it is essential to look into moisturisers that avoid chemicals but can still return the moisture to your skin. The autumn wind can carry away water from the skin, and therefore Oil-Based Moisturisers are key to keeping your skin fresh. Whilst you should avoid these products if you have natural oily skin, if you are prone to dry skin then feel free to look into a rich cream that can protect the skin’s surface and can prevent it from becoming rough and looking weathered.

Alternative Methods

With the cold weather, you may think that it is a time to begin focusing on your work and keeping yourself busy. You may not have enough time to consider any additional beauty care routines apart from a makeup wipe and skin cream. For those that want something simple, investing in a silk pillowcase for your bed at night time may be the best way forward. Wearing silk against the skin can lead to less redness and dryness. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your face is on safe sheets.

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