DESIGN SCENE HOME: Why is There Condensation on the Inside of my Windows?


Condensation can arise on your windows for a number of different reasons, and possessing double glazing glass isn’t necessarily a safeguard against all of your window woes. In most cases, condensation can arise through poor ventilation across your home.

However, condensation can be prevented if you improve ventilation throughout your property by purchasing a dehumidifier or removing curtains that rest against the glass. If you want a more in-depth look at the condensation that’s appearing on the inside of your windows, then read on…

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Condensation in my bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Why?

You may have noticed that condensation on your double glazing is often worse in your bathrooms and kitchens, as well as your bedrooms. This is because these are areas where the most moisture is exposed. When we’re showering or cooking, we create the by-product of steam that causes windows to fog and increased moisture to enter the air.

In the past, single glazed windows were not as insulative as the double glazing solutions that can be provided by a company that installs residential windows. Whereas those single glazed windows allowed heat that was inside the room to escape, modern double glazing features a layer of glass in-between two panes that prevents heat from escaping.

The cold moisture-filled air that circulates around our homes is less capable of holding onto the water vapours within it when it comes into contact with a cold window pane. This collision means that the air and water vapours are dispersed onto your windows, forming a wet residue otherwise known as condensation.
Condensation on windows can result from poor ventilation

It’s important to ensure that your home is adequately ventilated throughout all months of the year. Although this may seem like a silly idea in the winter, just 20 minutes of open window exposure can create vast improvements to the ventilation in your home.

In addition, using extractor fans and dehumidifiers, as well as choosing to dry laundry outside where possible, all help with the situation by reducing any moisture that’s in the air.

Why is window condensation bad?

According to research by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, increased exposure to condensation in your home can negatively affect your health. Condensation on your windows will add more moisture to the air and so provide a perfect breeding ground for mites and mould to form.

Exposure to this environment can create negative health benefits when it comes to pulmonary function and make you more susceptible to chest infection because of the humidity in your home. It is recommended that you seek to achieve humidity of around 50% in your home.

Although double glazing windows don’t 100% safeguard your home or property against condensation issues, they provide a much better solution than the single paned models of the past. A local window-fitting company can help; if you’re looking for quality windows in Bristol or Bath, for example, then don’t look past the ability of Polar Bear Windows to install quality glass panes at your home.

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