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With holiday season around the corner, a good watch is no doubt a great gift choice, right? Everyone needs one, everyone wants one, and also everyone can afford one. However with prices ranging for affordable watches around $20 to those fetching a price of a luxury car, how do you find the right watch? However, what makes this new rise of the timepiece so exciting is also the domination of new watchmakers on the market. Grabbing our attention this time is the New York based timepieces and jewellery brand Paul Rich.

The brand begins it’s story from a watch-stand in a Madison Avenue pop-up store growing today into a lifestyle brand to watch. The team at Paul Rich finds the right balance between luxury and classic elegance when it comes to cost and design of both their men’s and women’s watches. Today affordable timepieces are becoming an integral part of everyday outfits both for men and women.

Men who for decades were traditionally attached to a one single timepieces, are in the recent years more interested in using a watch as an actual accessory. When it comes to men quality was also always an integral part of a watch’s characteristic. Therefore men often find a good watch also a by definition an expensive must have investment piece. However what rising watch brands noticed is the need to find a perfect balance between the price point and the style. With these young brands such as Paul Rich the price range is of pivotal importance, but so is the design behind the watches. With prices ranging from $119 to $219 for their timepieces Paul Rich has found that unique balance. Today an affordable watch has allowed men to use them like never before as an ultimate accessory piece. Whether they are actually lovers of jewelry pieces, bracelets or necklaces, or simply use a watch as the actual sole piece of jewelry.


This change in the way we see and use a watch, also comes with the fact a phone is today in everyone’s hand. Therefore come end of day the essential time telling role of your watch has subsided to the all mighty phone. Thus the style component of every watch is today more important than ever. This new legion of players on the watch scene are on the pulse of exactly these both stylish and functional trends. This sort of strategy is to be credited to the success of brands such as Paul Rich for whom the ability of being ahead of trends is a key way of thinking. Today, for a brand to be successful in this business it needs to offer a variety both in price range but also in design. The Paul Rich team at any given moment has more than thirty carefully curated watches available in their shop. Ranging from the all black minimal to the more sophisticated, as in detailed,  chronograph watches.


Also, today on the market every time you are venturing into purchasing a more expensive watch you are presented with a choice – it may be a quality quartz watch from Switzerland but at the same time it might lack the charm of a mechanical watch. While Switzerland is no doubt an adverb in the timepiece business when it comes to style that is no doubt the city of New York. This is what the team behind Paul Rich captured, that fast paced essence behind the busy NYC life, closely tied to their Madison Avenue roots. Today’s success of the young brands on the market, both in Switzerland and internationally, comes from the ability to capture the classic elegance of a Mad Man in a men’s watch, easy to navigate online shop, good variety and quick delivery.


What makes a brand like Paul Rich successful is the ability to capture the luxurious aesthetic within an affordable premium watch created for people on the move with a refreshing sense of style. By keeping it simple and letting the design do it’s magic as a watch maker they were able to create a legion of international fans continuously returning to Paul Rich watches.

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