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7 Celebrity Sneaker Trends You Need to Try in 2019

Which celebrity shoes will you try?

“She wears high heels, I wear sneakers…” Do you remember these Taylor Swift Lyrics? She was ahead of her time, but she was right. A few years ago, you would never find celeb high-fashion and sneakers in the same sentence. But since then, the world of celeb fashion and the sneakersphere has become a formidable pair!

Huge fashion icons like the Hadids and the Jenners are mixing and matching sneakers into everyday looks. You’ve got to stock up on some of these stars sneakers trends this year. Which celebrity sneakers are trending in 2019? Read on for the ugly (sneaker) truth!

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1. A Converse Resurrection

These age-old sneakers have come in and out of fashion more often than Lady Gaga’s hairstyle’s changed. The classic black and white high top Converse All-Stars are back with a vengeance in 2019.

Malia Obama is a big fan casually wearing them as a freshman at Harvard.

2. Dad Sneakers

While the controversial celebrity kicks are as divisive as crocs, the “ugly” dad sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Even Kanye West is trying out a few dad sneaker designs for his fashion line this year.

Not sure about the trend? You might not be as slick as Gigi Hadid. But if Ed Sheeran can pull it off, then so can you!

3. Hiker Elements

You might not believe it, but many fashion experts forecast the biggest sneaker trend for the next few years will be hiking shoes. In 2019, the incorporation of hiking elements features sturdy and functional designs.

For once, famous wears are actually based on comfort over style. Just ask Bella Hadid or Zoë Kravitz if you’re not sure about this trend of celebrity shoes.

4. Tie Dye Trend

From clothing to accessories to footwear, the tie-dye trend is all over 2019. Quirky artists, such as Miley Cyrus are loving the gloriously colorful trend.


The brightly hued celebrity kicks are the perfect footwear to make your breezy summer style pop.

5. Minimalist Classics

While all these celebrity kicks seem wild, there is also a classic minimalist style trending in 2019. Simple white sneakers with uncomplicated design motifs are just as fashionable as the dad sneaker.

Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift are loving the latest Gucci shoes and sneakers which boast a minimalist feel.

6. Chunky Soles

Like the dad sneaker trend, stars sneakers have incorporated the chunky sole onto other styles too. While the Spice Girls failed to master it, these exaggerated soles bring the 90s back with a much sleeker finish.

These famous wears with exaggerated soles have been regularly seen on Kendall Jenner and Rihanna. Other celebrities like Hailey Bieber are wearing Adidas sporting the chunky look too.

7. Unusual Textures

If tie-dye dad trainers with hikers elements didn’t blow your mind already, these next celebrity kicks will. From retro denim Air Jordans to High Top Hessian Converse, textured sneakers will be everywhere this summer.

Which Celebrity Sneakers Will You Try?

It’s clear to see the celebrity sneakers trending this year are making more of a fashion statement than ever. Which celebrity shoes will you try?

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Images by Daniela Glunz for Design SCENE Magazine

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