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DESIGN SCENE GUIDE: Improving Your Product Decisions

Some tips we all need – curated by DSCENE Editors:

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Improving Your Product Decisions

Making decisions about your product can catapult it into the sales stratosphere or be a nail in the coffin of its demise. They may seem small at the time, but they can have binding and far-reaching ramifications.

As with any big decision, choosing the direction you want to take with your product should not be undertaken lightly. Put a lot of thought into your product decisions, especially the ones that are irreversible.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Improving Your Product Decisions

Here are some useful tips to help you make sound product decisions that will keep you in business:

Define your goals and don’t lose sight of them

Any decision you make should advance the goal you wish to achieve by creating and selling your product. It’s easy to lose track of your objective when sales start growing, and you’re inundated with other commitments.

You designed your product to solve a specific problem for a group of people. This should be at the forefront of your mind when you make decisions to launch something new or alter an existing product.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Improving Your Product Decisions

Explore your options before committing to a choice

When it comes to decision-making around your product, brainstorm possible solutions, as there is always more than one option before you. Explore them all, even those that might seem absurd. These are some of the best alternatives at your disposal, and many established products owe their existence to their owners’ readiness to take the path less followed.

Give your product the best possible chance of success

Developing new products is an exhilarating time, but it’s also a critical period in ensuring future success. A lot of time and attention should be devoted to product development to make sure that the product will deliver what you promise your customers will. Very few products are finalized and ready for sale after one attempt.

Be prepared to revise your product, its ingredients, and its design more than once during the research and development phase. While you have a final product in mind, getting to that point will require several false starts and the need for continuous review. You might need to enlist the help of experts in the field to help you make your products instead of trying to do so alone.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Improving Your Product Decisions

Make data-driven decisions about your product

No product decision should be made on a whim as decisions made in such circumstances can backfire badly. Whether you want to come up with a new product or amend an existing one, you should act deliberately and base your decisions on data and facts.

Working with data and facts, the choices you make will be easier to determine. Data tells you if there is a need for a new product, what it should cost, where it should be sold, and who would potentially want to buy it. It also gives you an indication of the need to make amendments to an existing product.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Improving Your Product Decisions

Continuously evaluate and consider your decisions

The market your product exists in is continually evolving, and you can’t afford to rest on your laurels. If you do, your competitors will get ahead of you in the race and squeeze you out of the market. You cannot afford to assume that your product will continue to exist and grow in a vacuum unattended.

Examining any conditions that have an impact on your product allows you to make decisions ahead of time and before they are forced on you. Evaluate issues as they relate to your product to keep yourself ahead of the game.

Evaluation involves examining market conditions for possible changes, and it also involves assessing the impact of previous decisions on the product to determine if more changes are necessary.

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