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DESIGN SCENE HOME: Tips To Make Your Space More Minimalistic

Creating a minimalist home is easier than you think, we consult with architects working in ARCHISCENE magazine for some great tips:

Photo ©João Morgado

Your space is a sanctuary for you and your household to relax. And at the end of the day, you don’t want to be coming home to clutter. That’s why many of us will go for a more minimalistic approach in our homes, opting for the bare essentials that we need to function and enjoy our space. So here are some tips to make your space more minimalistic.

Keep It Clean

To start off with, if your home is full of clutter, then that could be the one and only thing that is keeping your home from looking minimalistic. You could do all the things that are required in order to create that minimalistic look, but if you don’t keep it clean, it’s going to look worse. Keeping on top of the mess can be difficult, and if you’re busy, you can always look into getting cleaning services to take over. This can definitely be beneficial if you have no time to clean yourself. If that’s something that’s not doable, then do it a bit at a time each week so that you can stay on top of it.

Don’t Have Too Much In One Space

The key to creating a minimalistic space is that it shouldn’t have much in it. That’s why it’s minimalistic because there are minimal items of furniture. Try to keep it limited to the bare essentials, and with things like lighting, try to keep them off the ground so that you’ve got more floor space to work with. Think about each room and list what you’d need in order for that room to function. In a kitchen, for example, you’d want perhaps a toaster, a kettle, and some kitchen utensils. Try to limit that, and then everything else could go in a drawer or kitchen cupboard. The more space you can create, the better you’ll get at achieving a minimal look in your home. Go space by space when it comes to working on how little you have in each room. By focusing on just the one area, you can create a look and style that works for you, instead of something that’s not going to be functional.

Photo ©João Morgado

Stick With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors really are essential when it comes to minimalism. Not everyone likes neutral colors, and often they may feel it looks quite boring. However, if you want to create that bare and cold effect that comes with this style of interior design, then you’ll want to stick with neutral colors. Think white, cream, and beige as the color palette, and you can always add a pop of color here and there if you want to. Keeping your walls a neutral color will make certain artwork pop too, should you want to include some. You can find plenty of inspiration in regard to color swatches and what colors work best with each other online.

Photo ©João Morgado

Get Hidden Storage

Clutter can form anywhere, and when it’s lying around on the floor with no particular home to live in, then it’s going just to harm the minimal look you’re trying to achieve. Hidden storage is very effective in providing that space you need but without it showing in the space. You can get plenty of furniture that has multiple functions. For example, some sofas can be made into sofas beds and have extra storage for pillows and duvets. Stick in the bedsheets too, and you have more room in cupboards for things that might be lying around with no home currently.

Photo ©João Morgado

Incorporate Some Nature

And finally, nature. It’s a thing that provides us with a lot of comforts and often lifts our mood. Indoor nature fits very well with minimalism because it adds that pop of color that space needs without it looking too garish or artificial. Go sparingly with the plants you put around your home and make sure it fits with the overall aesthetic of the room it goes in. Also, make sure you are willing to keep up with the watering of the plants because no one likes a dead plant!

Having a minimalistic look to your home can provide many with that calm and relaxing environment they need. Use these tips to give your home that same transformation and feeling.

All images by ©João Morgado from the Fraiao House in Braga by TRAMA Arquitetos – now on ARCHISCENE

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