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Designer Stella McCartney Covers American Vogue January 2020 Issue

American Vogue enlists Stella McCartney for the cover of their first ’20 edition

Stella McCartney
Photography © Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine January 2020

Fashion designer Stella McCartney shares with her children (clockwise from top left), Bailey, Miller, Beckett, and Reiley the cover of American Vogue Magazine‘s January 2020 edition captured by fashion and celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. In charge of styling was Tonne Goodman, with beauty from hair stylist George Northwood, and makeup artist Kirstin Piggott.

Stella McCartney
Photography © Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine January 2020

This year alone, up to 150 million trees have been cut down just for viscose. I’m trying to create something that’s still sexy and desirable and luxurious that isn’t landfill. Every single second, fast fashion is landfill.


I think that in a sense we’re a project, We’re trying to prove that this is a viable way to do business in our industry — and that you don’t have to sacrifice any style or any edginess or coolness in order to work this way. At the end of the day, we’re a fashion house trying to deliver on the promise of desirability. Without that, I can’t even have this conversation. So I have to try and find a healthy balance — and doing both jobs is a balance. It’s the same as being a mum. My other ‘family’ is work. And I have to find the balance between this conversation of fashion and the conversation of consciousness — and they have to complement each other.” – McCartney for Vogue on balance between sustainability and fashion.

Photography © Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine January 2020
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