The Top Home Design Trends We Will See in 2020

You can experiment with the new cool trends cropping up and blend it with those that have been around – read tips from DSCENE resident Architect:

It’s a new decade and it’s yet another year where we expect to see more of cool trends in home design. Yes, it’s probably time to get a new look in your home and you are probably wondering what design ideas will dominate 2020 and beyond. Well, let’s look at some of the ones that should take center stage.

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Architectural Trends

For starters, we expect a mix of the old and new architectural trends to dominate 2020 and beyond. In general, expect to see more sustainability in architecture going forward as homeowners keep growing conscious of the environment. A good example of this is the passive standard that is becoming quite common in-home designs.

We also expect to see some other cool architectural concepts like industrial-type housing that look to cut on construction costs. We will see more homeowners remodel their homes right from foundation repair with the aim of introducing trendy architectural concepts. In fact, we will see a lot in terms of remodelling and rehabilitation of old buildings and new ones in a bid to repurpose and add new life to them at lower construction costs.

We also expect to see bathrooms being transformed as more and more people turn them from places of personal care to a place where they can take some time to relax. Moreover, home automation will also keep growing in the design with the evolving world of tech, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Talking of technology, there will be an increase in the use of architectural techniques that speed up construction projects. A good example is the use of prefabricated housing modules. Now, other top architectural trends you will see in 2020 will include the likes of new minimalism, the contract concept, tiny house designs, Earthship architecture, etc.

Interior Design Trends

The architectural trends are changing quite fast but certainly not as fast as the interior side of homes. DIY is also very much the norm these days and we expect the trend to continue in the coming years. In fact, you should see more customized house interiors craft becoming more of a feature. Homeowners are not just designing their houses in a unique fashion but they are looking to add some personality in the furnishings.

Again, sustainability will also be an aspect to look at in interior design. Consumers are becoming very much aware of the environment and the use of sustainable materials is expected to grow this year and beyond. Consumers will buy more products that are eco-friendly and we will even see the rise of live plants in interior design. Other  trends to look forward to including lighting fixtures, the countryside chic, layered patterns, high contrast design, natural luxury, two-tone kitchens, etc.

Home Décor Trends

In matters décor, there will be a lot of top concepts in 2020 and beyond. DIY craft décor will also grow bigger as homeowners look to create from original concepts but more often, it will be driven by the content from the web. Vintage décor like spooled legs, spindles, and the likes will also find their way back to homes. Other home décor trends that will be big this year include floral designs like the wood-look porcelain tiles, use of antique art, kitchen art, curvy sofas, soaking tubs, floral wallpaper, contrast décor, etc.

Final Thoughts:

It’s yet another year to be excited about the new stuff and you should if you are a fan of home improvement. You can experiment with the new cool trends cropping up and blend it with those that have been around. Just try to get creative as you can!




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