Design Tips To Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Haven

A few changes to your bedroom might be the solution you need to get a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep.

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Sleep is probably the part of the day that is most awaited as you get to relax and reflect on the day that has been and make plans for the next one. You might have a king-size bed, nice fluffy pillows, warm bedding and a silent room but you still can’t sleep, you might be thinking of seeing a doctor but the problem could be as trivial as the bedroom design.


As much as it sounds crazy, the design of your room plays a vital role in rocking you into the sleep mood for the night. A few changes to your bedroom might be the solution you need to get a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep. Here are a few design tips to make your bedroom a sleep haven.

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Photo courtesy of ©ZARA HOME

Get a top-quality mattress

This is the first thing that you need to look into when doing an overhaul of the bedroom. There are very many mattress manufacturers available these days but unfortunately, only a handful of them produce top-quality mattresses. It is important to look into how your mattress is ruining your sleep. It could be it has outlived its time; it has sunk around the area you sleep every night due to pressure, or it’s just not of the right quality. Check out some mattress reviews from top sites like The Dozy Owl to help you find the mattress in you need.

Choose a soothing colour scheme

The colour of your wall may be the reason why you are not getting a good sleep. The brain picks a vibe, mood, and attitude based on the colours surrounding you. For instance, bright colours psyche you up and make you more alert and alive which is not the mood you need for sleep.

Consider consulting with a paint specialist to recommend a good colour scheme for your bedroom that is calm and has a dark hue that is appropriate for sleep. At the same time, take caution not to go for so dull colours that could be depressing.

Photo courtesy of ©ZARA HOME

Incorporate different sizes of plants

Plants have a way of creating a soothing and calming aura indoors. If you already have potted plants in your bedroom, then you should consider adding plants of different types and sizes as well. Plants are very good at cleaning the air in your room especially at night when the windows are shut and no fresh air is coming in.

If there are no plants in your room, consider passing by the nursery and get a few plants with nice scent to place in your bedroom. There is a list of plants that improve sleep and you need to do due diligence first before you make any purchase at the nursery. The nice scent is a therapy in itself and goes a long way in making your bedroom a sleep haven.

Keep it tidy and organised

The brain, as the body organ that controls physiological responses such as sleep, is dependent on the surroundings to determine responses. When your office or room is tidy and organised, the brain is tidy and organised as well and this way, you can easily fall to sleep. When your room is in a mess, you hardly get to fall asleep, especially if you are a tidy and organised person in nature. To bypass all the tossing and turning in bed, make sure you keep your bedroom clean and in order all the time.

Get blackout blinds to keep it dark

Natural light is good for your house and but could be a hindrance to getting good sleep at night. If you are among those people who cannot fall asleep unless it’s completely dark, then you need to consider getting blackout blinds to keep it dark. The normal curtain you use could be letting in some light from the moon or your neighbour’s security light disturbing your sleep, blackout blinds will solve that no problem.


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