Your Guide to Buying Gold Chain Necklaces: What You Need to Know

Before you buy a gold chain necklace, there are several important factors to consider. Let’s examine the most important characteristics you should pay attention to when buying a gold chain

Your Guide to Buying Gold Chain Necklaces: What You Need to Know

One of the most common ways to use gold in jewelry is by making it into a chain. Gold chains have a variety of lengths and styles, that’s why, for some, it is quite challenging to choose one.

Solid, Plated, or Hollow: Which is Which?

You need to know if the gold chain is either solid, plated, or hollow before you could opt to buy one. Plated gold chains are more affordable. However, the color will wear off over time. This will expose the metal that lies underneath the plating.

As far as durability is concerned, solid gold is a smart choice. You can choose to wear this material without worrying if the color will wear off. Also, it is a good investment because gold prices continue to rise yearly.

You might notice that some gold chains are created hollow. They might feel lighter compared to solid ones of similar size. This type of material is less expensive than solid gold. However, they are susceptible to denting and breaking.

Know the Karat Type

In buying your gold chain necklace, it is essential to know the karat type. The 24k gold is made up of 100% pure gold. However, this karat type is not commonly used for jewelry since it is exceptionally soft.

The 18k gold has a richer yellow color because it has more gold in its mixture. 18k gold consists of 75% of gold and 25% alloy.

With 58.3% of gold and 41.7% of the alloy, the 14k gold is considered the most common gold type in the country. Furthermore, this karat type is also durable.

On the other hand, 10k gold is more durable than 14k gold. However, this karat type has more alloy in its mixture than gold. 10k gold is composed of 41.7% of gold and 58.3% of the alloy.

Your Guide to Buying Gold Chain Necklaces: What You Need to Know

Examine the Gold’s Quality

To ensure you get real gold, you can check out womens chains at and other authorized gold jewelry stores.

Below are the tests to know your gold is real:

  • Hallmark

This is a tiny engraving on your gold jewelry, and it indicates the purity of your gold chain. Any legit gold chain manufacturer will incorporate a hallmark on their product.

  • Porcelain Test

This is done by rubbing your chain in an unglazed porcelain tile. A golden yellow stain on the tile means your gold is real. If the stain left on the tile is black, it means it is fake.

  • Magnet

If the chain is attracted to a magnet, this means it is fake gold. However, you should know that others might use non-magnetic metals like lead, aluminum, or copper.

  • Acid Test

A nitric acid, sulphuric acid, or hydrochloric acid will do the trick. All you have to do is put a single drop of acid on your chain. If you have a real gold chain, the acid won’t have any reaction on it. On the other hand, if the acid reacts, it means it is fake.

  • Appraisal

This test is 100% sure. It is expensive to pay for an appraiser. However, it is a smart option if you are dealing with a high-risk purchase.

Choosing the Link Type

The link type you will select will determine the status of your necklace. Some link type will end up twisting your necklace. Others will end up breaking it.

Flat chains are more susceptible to twisting. An example of flat chains are the herringbone and the omega chain. Hence, it is best not to choose this link type if you don’t want your necklace to experience twisting.

The round snake chain is also quite problematic, they usually twist and catch your clothes. Once your necklace is kinked, it would be challenging or even impossible to repair.

Some of the best options for a link type is a wheat chain and a box chain. Both link types are flexible and sturdy. Moreover, the mariner chain, curb chain, anchor chain, rope chain, and Figaro chain are also great choices.

If you want to put a pendant on your gold chain necklace by any chance, it is essential to consider the thickness. The chain you want should be able to handle the additional weight brought about by the pendant.

Your Guide to Buying Gold Chain Necklaces: What You Need to Know

Ensuring a Good Clasp

The clasp keeps your necklace together. It is essential to choose the best one since you wouldn’t want your necklace to easily fall off.

Most necklaces come with a ring clasp. However, this type of clasp is more prone to breaking.

The one you want in terms of durability is the lobster clasp. It perfectly holds your necklace together. Moreover, it is extremely solid and does not easily break open.


Buying gold chain necklaces can be costly. Hence, it is vital to know what you should consider in purchasing one. At the end of the day, you would want to get your money’s worth, and that’s only possible if you buy authentic and quality items.


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