DSCENE GUIDE: How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween?

We’ve rounded up a list of interesting decoration ideas for Halloween

Courtesy of Dior Maison
Courtesy of Dior Maison

Some say Halloween is the time of the devil. Let us say it’s a time of fun, scare and joy for everyone. Young and adults go head to head on this occasion to celebrate this time of the year. And if you are a Halloween head, then you might be waiting all year to set up the decorations. But Halloween is more than a scary thing. It’s more about how creative you can get. The simple little details that you put up make it more interesting for the viewer and friends.

Think beyond the pumpkin this Halloween

Pumpkin pumpkin! The main thing about Halloween is having a pumpkin decorated to your idea. But everyone has a pumpkin, right? So why not go a little further and add some more spooky elements to the home decor? It will bring out the aesthetic Halloween atmosphere, just like the good old days. And remember, masks are not only for covering your face; you can also find some large Venetian ones to hang on your door or something.

Courtesy of Dior Maison

Go old school

Remember the death note? The notebook where you write the name of a person and they turn up dead? Yes! You can have something like that. Maybe a guest book, perhaps. It will put a new twist to your home decoration. Set up a table with an old school guest book on it. There are many old school guest books in the Original Venice Shop. It brings the spooky vibe to a whole other level.

Listen to yourself

For some, it’s a spider web on the entrance. Some might even go full-on Friday the thirteenth or Michael Myers. But it depends on you. You can do whatever speaks to you. A statue of a bird, maybe some decorated balloon. You can even put on a haunted pirate themed decoration. The aesthetic of Halloween is endless.

One creative idea could be to hang some spooky Halloween costumes on your wall or the garden trees. Just imagine a long-nose doctor’s musk from the plague era poking its nose from the side of a tree! Children and adults are going to get spooked, no? If you want something a little lighter, opt for noblemen on a ball dance.

Add some accessories

A potion jar, small clown figures, decorated candle vase are a few minor details that can be on your list for an aesthetic Halloween. They might sound small, but they go a long way in creating a horrifying atmosphere. Even when it’s not Halloween anymore, you can keep using these things. Porcelain dolls, for instance, can be used not only on Halloween but also for the whole year, symbolising a proper aesthetic Halloween item that can remind you of the mysteriously funny version of yourself.

Anyways, Halloween shouldn’t be only once a year if you ask me. But as it does happen only once a year, go a little overboard. After all, it’s all about the aesthetics and having a little fun journey into the unknown.


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