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How to Design an Outdoor Area You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Here’s our short but sweet guide to creating seasonal serenity in your backyard

How to Design an Outdoor Area You Can Enjoy All Year Round

There’s something special about a garden of your own. For anyone who’s ever lived in a flat or apartment or had a shared outdoor area, it’s the inevitable bohemian dream – a space outside that’s entirely yours. Somewhere green and open you can put your spin on, that can grow beyond the bounds of your home.

But when the day rolls around where the fantasy manifests into reality, it’s not always as easy as it seemed when you dreamed. Creating a beautiful space outside can take a lot of planning and experimenting, especially if you want to enjoy it all year round.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s our short but sweet guide to creating seasonal serenity in your backyard.    

Plant for the season

In the summertime, most gardens are a verdant oasis of green. Getting blooms to flower and bees to swarm lazily around foxgloves and blue borage is effortless. It’s enough to make anyone feel like a green-fingered goddess. The rest of the year isn’t so easy, but don’t resign yourself to bare beds and mud.

Instead, learn how to plant for the season. While spring and summer flowering plants exist in abundance, some options will add colour in autumn and winter. For example, asters and begonias inject much-needed brightness as the days darken into fall, while holly, firethorn, and chokeberry will treat you to beautiful displays of berries even during the coldest months.

Choose garden furniture that can withstand the weather

There’s nothing lovelier than sitting outside in summer and surveying your small slice of paradise but don’t shut yourself away indoors come autumn and winter. While the temperatures may drop, fresh air is good for us all year round, so get into the habit of wrapping up warm and going outside even once it cools down.

To make this more pleasant, you might want to invest in some rattan garden furniture. Not only does this look elegant year-round, but there are weatherproof options available. These are often built around an aluminium frame and double woven for durability. This makes them equally resistant to the ravages of winter and the heat of summer and gives you a pleasant place to sit and admire your garden no matter the season.    

It’s an especially nice idea to create a dedicated sitting area built around your garden furniture. If you really want to push the boat out, you can purchase weatherproof gazebos to house your table and chair set and shelter you from the worst of the winter weather. Add solar lighting and outdoor heating to enjoy al fresco dining all year round.

How to Design an Outdoor Area You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Create a wildlife paradise

We believe one of the best parts of having an outdoor area is being able to give back to the local wildlife. If you share that opinion, you might want to think about how you can make your garden appealing to them all year round.

The RSPB has some great suggestions, from rewilding a section of your lawn to choosing bee-friendly blooms to fill your flowerbeds. If you read their advice, you can ensure your furred and feathered visitors continue to make an appearance no matter the season.

Isn’t it time you designed an outdoor area you can use all year round? You’ve waited long enough, so bring your bohemian dreams to life and make a beautiful space for the green-fingered goddess inside to tend and enjoy.


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