Fashion Buyer’s Go-To WHITE TRADE SHOW Plans Its Return to Milan Fashion Week in 2022

WHITE Trade Show under the slogan SIGN OF TIMES is scheduled for return from 24th to 27th of February 2022 – here’s what a revamped edition is bringing:

White Trade Show
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WHITE trade show one of the biggest trading shows in Europe is set on its return during the upcoming Milano Fashion Week Moda Donna. The renowned trade show is organized under the Municipality of the City of Milan and the Aegis. 

The stage for WHITE is bigger than ever, the coming year in addition to Superstudio Più and Ex Ansaldo two brand new spaces in the Tortona Fashion District are set aside for the event. WHITE in 2022 is bigger than ever, taking on more than 18,000 square meters. The trade show is expecting more international participants than ever, but also a great number of buyers traveling back to Milan. With Covid19 Omicron variant resulting in a great number of breakthrough infections the city of Milan as well as White and CNMI have little under three months to figure out the possibility of the events actually going through. 

Unlike fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week, where the week survived with a mix of digital and ‘distanced‘ sitting arrangements, WHITE’s pivotal role is creating connections. Finding a way to create safe personal interactions in an environment where constant threats of the pandemic outbreaks are a necessity will define the future of these events. 

Carlo Ferro, President of ICE Agenzia talking about the event shares: “Thanks to the support of the national economic system, and, most importantly, to the nerve and resolve of the firms, we are witnessing a steady recovery. This goes for the fashion industry too: badly hit by the pandemic in 2020, in the first 9 months of 2021 it has scored a marked improvement over the previous year, with small signs showing that the performance of exports is approaching pre-pandemic levels. ICE has put in place 19 new initiatives to support the businesses in their international growth, thus confirming our support to this edition of White and the whole sector, as we are confident that capability to innovate, craftsmanship, design, creativity and dedication to sustainability are the key to establish oneself successfully on the international marketplaces. We wish the best of luck to the organizers and to the businesses on board!

The neighboring MUDEC museum space is to become part of the event during WHITE in February 2022. “In the wake of the work done in September 2021, which shone a spotlight on the quality and synergic value of the Trade Show, WHITE has been able, through such a peculiar time, to be part of the change and expand with the enlargement of the exhibition area, which now features two new hubs: MUDEC and Padiglione Visconti. Pivotal the cooperation with CNMI and CSM, which will bring 1200 international buyers in the days of the Milanese fashion week. A commanding example of how important it is to team up in a post-pandemic time, during which Italy, spearheaded by Milan, has shown to be the catalyst of the rebirth on the international markets,” shares with the press Massimiliano Bizzi, President and Founder of WHITE

White Trade Show
Marzadori First Violin at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, Letizia Masini young talent of the Corps de Ballet of Teatro Alla Scala, and actress Gala Martinucci as the faces of WHITE campaign – photo ©White

Sustainable is the core of WHITE Trade Show in 2022 as well, with special venues set aside at Padiglione Visconti, via Tortona 58. The address is to become a temporary home for the WSM-White Sustainable Milano. This way the trade show aims to connect sustainable practices, from brands to sustainable fabric manufacturers. 

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White Trade Show is promoted with campaign untitled “Upside Down” the campaign stars are Marzadori First Violin at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, Letizia Masini young talent of the Corps de Ballet of Teatro Alla Scala, and actress Gala Martinucci.

During White Trade Show and simultaneous Milano Fashion Week the city is expecting more than 1200 buyers. The events are supported by CNMI (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana), WHITE and CSM (Camera Showroom Milano) have teamed up to bring back a high number of international buyers to Milan. The efforts are supported by funds set aside by Maeci, through ICE-Agenzia for the internationalization of SMEs, with the support of Confartigianato Imprese.

“We count on team work to help the Italian handicraft excellence thrive and succeed. The collaboration between Confartigianato, White, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Camera Showroom Milano, with the support of Maeci, through ICE-Agenzia, harnesses the best entrepreneurial energies of the Italian fashion scene to consolidate our leadership internationally. Confartigianato is proud to be representing, in this new challenge, the know-how and excellence of the Italian craftsmen and small fashion entrepreneurs. Creativity, tradition, design, innovative research, sustainability are our core values to keep growing both on the domestic and international
marketplaces” shares Fabio Pietrella, President of Confartigianato Moda.

Dates 24th to 27th of February 2022, Milan, IT 

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