Top Reasons for Installing Screen Doors with Magnets and Tips for Buying the Best

Read on to know why you should consider installing magnetic screen doors.

Photography by © Gonzalo Viramonte

Do you intend to make modifications to your home to enhance its value? One way to personalize your door and form an elegant entrance is to install a Magnetic Screen Door. A magnetic door is designed to fit your door casing and resembles a curtain. It contains a magnetic ribbon in the center that lets you open and shut it without utilizing your hands. Besides, these doors allow light to penetrate or leave your home effortlessly. They also permit air to circulate in your home and stop insects and bugs from entering your home. Read on to know why you should consider installing magnetic screen doors.

Allow fresh air in

Keeping a house well-aerated is no longer a problem in today’s world, credit to the ventilators residential structures and dwellings provide. Nevertheless, nothing compares to the feeling of having clean air instead of air from the AC traveling through your home. Unluckily, if your door is always locked, you will be unable to obtain that gasp of fresh air. If you don’t wish to spend the whole day outside, you should let the fresh air in. To attain this, consider installing a screen door. The horrible insects will still be kept out, but the fresh air will flow freely.

It’s effortless to use

The fixing of magnetic screen doors doesn’t need fasteners, screws, or springs. You do not even have to bore holes in your walls to fix the door. As the name specifies, these doors utilize magnets to fasten to the door casing. The substantial advantage is that you can easily take it away whenever you wish. If you want to use it on hot days, you can return it. If you intend to finish an enclosure during winter, remove it and close your usual door all the way. Sometimes, it can be that you reside in a rented home, and your landowner doesn’t permit you to fix a screen door; this is a great option.

Privacy and security

The main advantage of magnetic screen doors is that you can customize them to match your needs. Every screen door is measured and fixed to suit every standard and a large opening in your home, including sliding glass doors, for effortless installation. Mesh options are available in various shapes and sizes, letting you make any setting more comfortable. Mesh doors come in different styles, from insect prevention to home privacy and sunshine mesh doors. Before choosing a mesh type, consider where your entries will be. Establish how exposed your entrances are to the elements, such as vermin, wind, and sunshine.

Photography by © Gonzalo Viramonte

Durability and maintenance

As the summer continues, it’s more probable that you’ll keep more doors unlocked to enjoy the chilly weather. Retractable screen doors with magnets will better your daily use while keeping away harsh UV rays, insects, and debris that can penetrate your home’s open doors. Nonetheless, when not in use, your doors will flawlessly withdraw into a protective case that protects them from potential damage during wet or cold weather. This extends the life of your doors. For general maintenance, clean your screens with an ordinary detergent and water regularly. Also, magnetic retractable doors assure durability. With frequent maintenance, your screen doors will shield your home entrance doors for several years.

There is a variety of types of the magnetic screen door available on the market, and to enjoy the above benefits, you should acquire quality ones. Besides, different doors suit different needs. Here are tips to enable you to invest in suitable doors.


Magnetic screen doors come in various sizes. Ensure the one you’re buying will perfectly fit your door casing. Before purchasing any door, measure the height and width of your door framework. Some suppliers offer standard screen doors. Nonetheless, it’s prudent to buy your door from a supplier who provides a range of length and width options. This way, you can adjust your door accordingly, mainly if your door falls between the conventional alternatives.

Buy from reliable sources

Read reviews and seek recommendations to help you choose a reliable screen door supplier. This way, you’re sure of the quality of the door and its resilience. If there’s a manufacturing fault, a reliable supplier will replace your door. Besides, most reliable suppliers have a friendly return policy.

The material utilized to manufacture the magnetic screen is exceptionally crucial. The correct material depends on your needs. Fiberglass is the best material if you wish to let in more natural light. Polyester is great for allowing adequate fresh air in your house. Iron and steel are the most commonly used materials due to their durability and high security. Read on the benefits of each material option to determine which one suits you best.

Magnetic screen doors are a perfect addition to your house, irrespective of the kind of appeal you wish to achieve. The market has many screen doors that appear similar to each other. However, these options vary in quality and suit various needs. Be careful with your purchase to benefit the most from your Magnetic Screen Door.

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