INTERIOR DESIGN: How To Reupholster Your Well-Worn Furniture For A Fresh Makeover

Let us share some tips to reupholster your well-worn furniture for a fresh makeover

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As a homeowner, you will probably want to invest in frequent makeovers for your living space. Getting a fresh coat of paint, moving the furniture around, and decluttering the area gives you a good start. You may switch the flooring and replace the accessories if you have a big budget. Reupholstering your furniture is another idea worth trying to give a fresh look and feel to your interiors.

Reviving existing pieces can save you a fortune as you only have to spend on replacing the old fabric with a trendy alternative rather than buying expensive furniture. Besides changing the look of your furniture, reupholstering can make the seats and rests more comfortable. You will probably want to invest in a project sooner than later, but the last thing you should do is dive in without planning. Let us share some tips to reupholster your well-worn furniture for a fresh makeover.

Pick the pieces wisely

Before beginning with a reupholstering project, you must choose wisely. Not all furniture is worth the time and effort, so check what you want to retain for the long haul. If a sofa looks outdated or no longer matches your lifestyle, consider skipping a makeover for it. Likewise, spending on a damaged piece does not make sense as it will probably not last long after a revamp. Look for the furniture pieces you love and want to own forever. Also, ensure they are evergreen in design and durable enough. After preparing your makeover checklist, you can move to the next stage of the reupholstering project.

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Consider the cost of the project

Without any doubt, reupholstering furniture you already own costs far lesser than buying new pieces. But you must still know the expected cost of the project and plan a budget for it. The last thing you want to encounter is a surprise bill. Remember that reupholstering is more than the cost of the fabric. It also includes the cost of labor, other materials, and damage repair for the worn-out pieces. Additional work such as aligning patterns, replacing welt cords, and tufting will also add to the overall cost. Having a fair idea beforehand enables you to budget wisely.

Get expert advice for the project

You may feel tempted to try DIY for the project, but it is best to leave the makeover job to an expert. Start with a consultation session with seasoned reupholstery professionals because they will have the best advice. Discuss your requirements and seek suggestions to enhance the appearance of your worn-out pieces. Experts can provide recommendations for increasing the comfort and durability of the furniture. They will review the pieces and share suggestions on the best products, design, and cost.

Prioritize quality

An upholstery makeover costs less than buying new furniture, but it is still an investment for your home. You spend time and money on the project, so ensure not to compromise quality. The last thing you should do is skimp on quality fabric only to save some dollars. It is better to spend a bit more on quality fabrics because they offer durability. Moreover, their color and shine stay for years to come. Look for fabrics that do not tear with frequent use and withstand pressure easily. Also, choose ones that are easy to clean and maintain.

Discover The Pacific designed by ACDF Architecture

Match with your lifestyle

Do not forget to match the reupholstering fabric with your lifestyle. Most homeowners make the mistake of considering only the cost and aesthetics while choosing a fabric for the project. But experts recommend matching it with your current and future needs. Your lifestyle goes a long way in deciding the kind of fabric you must get for the makeover. For example, luxury should be a priority for people having a high-end lifestyle. But you should look for durability if you have kids and pets around or indulge in an active lifestyle. Your lifestyle also determines the color of the upholstery fabric. Ensure it blends well with the overall decor of your living space.

A reupholstering project can add to the aesthetic value of your living space. But the last thing you should do is pick a random fabric and get down to a DIY job only because you are enthusiastic about a makeover. Plan wisely and budget carefully to get the best outcomes with the project. Consider it a home decor investment as you will want it to last and look good forever. The best option is to consult experts as they can review your furniture and requirements to give the best recommendations for the project.


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