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A Brief Guide to Festival Style for Women

Below, you’re getting our brief guide to festival-style clothing for EDM season 2022. After that, all you need to do is sit back, invite your inspiration to come over, and get ready for the next memorable event on your calendar!

A Brief Guide to Festival Style for Women

First-time ravers or returning party-starters – all of us need to catch up every now and then in order to stay at the top of the rave fashion wave. And as you may already know – this is an ever-evolving subculture where transformation is a way of life rather than a one-time deal.

So, below, you’re getting our brief guide to festival-style clothing for EDM season 2022. After that, all you need to do is sit back, invite your inspiration to come over, and get ready for the next memorable event on your calendar!


Make Sure It Feels Good and Fits Well

Some festivals last for a day, while others can go on for a weekend or even a week. So keep in mind that being comfortable shall always be the first essential on your list. Comfortable means having freedom of movement, being sure that everything stays in place, and enjoying the flexibility and breathability needed for enjoying every moment.

The best materials for these purposes remain the stretchy spandex and high-quality lycra. Of course, good old cotton garments shall too be considered, especially for your backstage moments of relaxation and brief naps before stage sets.

Once you’ve found the right materials and designs, take your time to carefully check sizing tables or try the outfit on. Do the purchasing at least a couple of weeks before the event, so you can have the time to react and replace the clothing if it comes too loose or too tight.

Choose a Leitmotif for Your Outfit

Every festival is a world-building endeavor where you join a temporary community, sharing thoughts, concepts, ideas, and visions. Focal points may shift from space-age vibe to old-school rave, cosplay, anime, or indie motifs. Once you get to know the event you’re visiting – start thinking about ways to tailor your outfit to the general idea of the festival.

Gladly, top-line festival gear shops will offer you a broad range of thematic collections to match every styling concept. So, you can first do the mind mapping of color palettes and then go hit your favorite shops to find the outfit you’ve been imagining.

Go Bright, Vivid, and Graphic

Off-beat style and revolutionizing your own self lie at the fundamentals of rave culture from its very genesis back in the past century. Decades later, neon colors, glowing and UV-reactive accessories, and bold and vivid outfits are still a huge part of a festival experience. So – don’t delude yourself into thinking that festival fashion has anything to do with everyday fashion.

This is your chance to hit the roof and design your bravest, most colorful, and most authentic self. Think of it more as a stage costume than a regular outfit, and make a piece of art of yourself – because virtually everyone around you will have done the same!


Dare to Show Some Skin

Crop tops, booty shorts, thong bodysuits, and cut-out mini dresses are well-established trends in festival culture, and in 2022 they are getting bolder than ever before. Part of the reasons lay in the very ideology of raves – radical acceptance of yourself and others.

So – revealing outfits are not a means to conquer the spotlight but a way to help yourself build a positive body image and learn to enjoy yourself with no restraints. They are long-worn, well-accepted, and somewhat traditional to summer festivals all over the world – all you need to do is see yourself in a new light and upgrade your self-confidence enough to be savagely sexy.

Accessorize to the Fullest

Your basic layer of clothing will be the basis of your character development in the world of summer festivals. But then, you’ll need to gather all the little details that will upgrade your appearance from stunning to epic.

Makeup, body art, colorful wigs, trippy sunglasses, multipurpose bandanas, protective face masks, or stylish thumbhole sleeves – anything goes, as long as it helps you express yourself and enjoy the way you look. Take your time and find all collectibles for your ultimate festival looks because it will be all worth it in the end.


Footwear Matters A LOT

Finally, remember that a music festival is all about spending hours and days in a row wildly dancing, sometimes (literally) in the middle of nowhere. You can probably do it in 10-inch heels for a couple of hours before you regret it, but you will inevitably come to the point where comfort means experience.

This being said – mind the footwear you put in your backpack, especially if you’re hitting outdoor events in the mountains, meadows, beaches, and deserts around the world. If you’re totally determined to bring your high-platform boots along – do it, but always have a plan B for the phase when they don’t matter anymore.

Then Go Out There and Have a Mighty Blast!

Summer festivals have been off the calendar long enough to make us cherish them even more now. Finally, after long periods of online, digital, limited, or imaginary parties, the real deals are back in town, and all we can do is welcome them back with arms wide open.

Once your festival style is on point, go out there and have the time of your life – because life is too short for boring parties, and parties are too short for boring outfits!


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