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Anya Taylor-Joy Covers Vogue Australia October 2022 Issue

Australian Vogue features actress Anya Taylor-Joy on the cover of their latest edition

Anya Taylor-Joy
Photography © Jess Ruby James for Vogue Australia

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy takes the cover of Vogue Australia Magazine‘s October 2022 edition lensed by fashion photographer Jess Ruby James. In charge of styling was Melissa Levy, who for the cover selected look from DIOR and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Set design is work of Natalie Turnbull. Beauty by hair stylist Gregory Russell, makeup artist Kellie Stratton, and manicurist Gemille Azar at Diandra Politano.

I’m just trying to live my life where I am, rather than on my phone, because the phone or the computer can be a really scary place if you let it be that. Whereas if you focus on what you have directly in front of you or around you, that seems more manageable, and it feels like it’s actually more ‘you’ than whatever image of ‘you’ is out there that people interact with.


Because what will happen is [Furiosa] will wrap, and I will have gone from being covered in mud in a really private experience, to sloughing off all of this stuff I’ve had on me, suddenly being really clean, wearing a pair of high heels that I haven’t worn in more than half a year. But I think it keeps it interesting. And to be honest, I have so much energy. I’m so grateful to have things that make me tired and that make me feel like I’m giving everything that I can give. – Anya Taylor-Joy

Photography © Jess Ruby James for Vogue Australia, read more at

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